A New Year at ABC

Yet another issue... and so soon!

Yes, I am happy to report that this time around, my pleading for contributions was answered: several faithful MUD2 players decided to devote considerable time and energy to make this issue possible. Their continuing contributions may also mean that soon enough, the Chronicles will return to a regular monthly publishing schedule. A particularly big thank you goes to Abby, Innocent, Sonsie, and Tobias who offered to become permanent staff members.

This is all the more delightful news considering the fact that this is our anniversary issue: MUD2.COM is exactly one year old on January 31, 1998! It's only fitting to celebrate our birthday with an issue of the Chronicles like none other.

What is in this issue? Lots of new stuff, actually. Our very own "dear" Abby decided, at the gentle prodding of Jillithe the witch, to start an advice column. If you have any questions you'd like answered by Abby or her immortal mentor, please don't hesitate to MUDmail her, or send her Internet mail at abby@mud2.com.

Then there is that old Bombow fellow again: this time, with a challenge only the best can live up to! The ole' Admiral has dozens of tricky questions for you to answer; the first to succeed will win a very valuable prize!

Haven't been in the Land lately and feel left behind? No problem. Sonsie will tell you all you have to know (and a lot that you shouldn't really know) about last month's events. Because she wants to turn her column of rumours and idle gossip into a regular feature, she also welcomes your MUDmail or Internet mail (sonsie@mud2.com).

This month's feature is a somewhat unusual log: read how Tethys the mortal defeated the mighty customs official7 and his encounter with several wizzes, mortals, and even a deadly haggis during an overseas trip.

Our Land, as everyone knows, has a rich history, much of which has been lost over the ages. Yet the most persistent researchers occasionally unearth new material. Such a recent finding is a journal, apparently from a druidic high priestess. If found genuine, it may finally reveal how our dragon came into existence.

Last but not least, you can read about the joys, sorrows, and the lessons of last year, and my hopes and plans for the future in my regular column of ramblings, sysop@mud2.com.

Viktor the arch-wizard

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