Bombow's Challenge

Ah-haaa! Slap m'seagull and wither m'walrus; we meet again, buccaneers!

Last year, at the command of an emerald wizard, I returned to The Land. Always hospitable, I desired to re-establish patronage of my inn, the Admiral Bombow. As those weaker willed among you might recall the position of my inn (just stone's throw from the badly paved road) provides a pleasant locale for excessive swilling of spirits. As a good host I engage in friendly banter with the Land's natives, but sully m'sailcloth, I have never heard such frightful speculation and numb skulled supposition!

The Land is stuffed with a wealth of magnificent vistas, magical experiences, and curious conundrums and is imbued with an astounding heritage. This beautiful fabric provides the material background for bonding in devoted friendships, forging powerful alliances and sparking bitter rivalry.

Yet, from what I have heard, few have been able to find the time to fully explore their home. They're too absorbed ransacking the bounteous treasure of the Land, eliminating its evil creatures and waylaying their fellow inhabitants. To this end, and in the best spirit of the Land's heritage, I have decided to throw down a Challenge rewarded with an astonishing prize. Beginning in this issue of the Chronicles, and in many of the subsequent issues, a fresh Challenge will be revealed.

Each Challenge will serve as a stimulus to exploration and bring a deeper understanding of the Land to every participant. The mercenary among you can rest assured that success will bring generous rewards. I started by mentioning I was a generous, hospitable old soul. Let me finish by encouraging the newer faces I have seen in the inn recently. I shall reward not only the winner of each Challenge, but also provide several runners' up prizes.

Accept the First Challenge!

Other regular events in the Land:

Mobile Bashes

During a mobile bash, participating mortals try to eliminate all the Land's mobiles. It isn't easy but a successful mobile bash can be worth many thousands of points to the lucky participants.

North American players: 9 PM Eastern every Wednesday

Overseas players: 2100 GMT every Tuesday

Sorcerers' Bashes

During a sorcerers' bash, participating players enter using a 0-point ("scrap") persona, which will then be "sorcerised", or given the points and magic power of a sorcerer for the duration of the reset. Participants then use their skills to fight each other; the one who remains alive in the end wins a fabulous prize, which can be applied to any of the winner's personae, mages excepted.

Sorcerers' bashes are held monthly, at 5 PM Eastern time on the first Sunday every month.

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