Bombow's First Challenge

I, Admiral Bombow, challenge all buccaneers to explore the Land making exclusive use of each of their faculties of sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. While serving behind the bar, I often catch only brief snatches of chatter from the punters. Alleviate my nagging curiosity by clearing up as many of my questions as you can!

Once you're satisfied that you've done your best, email your answers to, mentioning your persona name in the subject line. The victorious player, who will be presented with a suitable reward, shall be the first person to assuage my curiosity by submitting a faultless set of answers.

When I see a friendly arch wiz supping one of my ales, I'll ask him to announce the winner and extend an open invitation to the Prize Giving Ceremony. Of course, being the kindly soul that I am, a variety of generous Runners Up prizes will still be awarded for entries received prior to the Prize Giving Ceremony itself.

Endeavour to provide precise answers!

If you're after the full reward for your investigating, you'll need to give answers as accurately as you can; for example "hall in gravedigger's cottage" is better than "hall", as the latter could also be interpreted as the dwarfen hall, the entrance hall or the dining hall.

Good luck!

In questions 1 to 10, each answer is the place where you would experience the sight described. The sight will be explicitly mentioned in the verbose visual description of that location.

1. From where might you glimpse, on the horizon, the sail of a wrecked ship?
2. Where would you be illuminated by triforia between graceful columns?
3. Where could you view elves smiling happily?
4. Where would marbled walls leave you quite in awe?
5. Where are the dark, grey walls studded with innumerable deposits of a strange, red, translucent mineral?
6. Where would you see both forbidding and eerie steps?
7. Where would you see elegant troll-hide furniture?
8. Where would you experience a dazzling crescendo of rainbow colour?
9. Where would you come upon a fascinating miniature forest?
10. Where would you notice that over the centuries a once-golden hue has darkened to a sickly grey?


In questions 11 to 20, the answer in each case is a place, item or situation that exhibits the sound described.

11. Where could you hear the recitation "Halfway down the stairs is the stair where I sit"?
12. When would you hear the first 33 notes of "Love Story".
13. When could you hear a dull thud?
14. How could you hear a "TINKLE"?
15. Name two occasions when you could hear a ">CRACK<" or a very similar noise.
16. When would you hear a rumble of thunder, and when a crack of thunder?
17. On what ominous occasion would you hear whistling feedback?
18. Which creature has a propensity to whimper, if treated rather roughly?
19. When do you hear a grinding S>C>R>E>E>E>E?
20. What particular event causes you to hear a rushing sound in the distance?

In questions 21 to 30, the answer is a place, item or creature that exhibits the described smell.

21. What smells like a mixture of potassium nitrate, charcoal and sulphur?
22. What smells well-used?
23. Either what, or who, smells of the grave?
24. Where would you notice the smell of stale incense?
25. What, where or whom smells of the drowsy, aromatic sweetness of mistletoe?
26. Who smells a lot cleaner than you do?
27. What smells of stewed darjeeling tea?
28. What, where or who smells of substandard camphor?
29. What smells of linseed oil?
30. What or where smells exotic?

In questions 31 to 40, each answer is an item or creature that gives the response described when tasted or eaten.

31. What is the most amazing delicacy you have ever tasted?
32. What four items can taste like they are over thirty years old?
33. What wouldn't be proper if it didn't taste revolting?
34. What is a bit tough, so that you would barely notice its taste?
35. What do your swirling mental processes tell you will taste hot?
36. Name two places where you could taste something bad.
37. What item tastes like bitter roses?
38. What taste do you kid about?
39. What or who tastes salty?
40. What tastes syrupy?

In questions 41 to 50, each answer is a place, item, creature or situation that exhibits the described sensation or response.

41. Which foolhardy deed would yield the response "SSSSssszz...AUGH!"?
42. When do you feel a strange longing?
43. What fateful action would cause you to begin to feel hot and dizzy?
44. What gives you a nasty little prick?
45. What or who feels like marshmallow?
46. When do you feel a painful electric shock?
47. What creatures don't want the likes of you to touch them?
48. What petrifying encounter can you experience by touch?
49. When do cold shivers run up your spine?
50. When are you buffeted and pounded?

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