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One can learn much from eavesdropping in the tearoom. For instance, Sancorro is reputed to be another face of Lestat the mage!

Also, did you know that poor Zalagar has an enemy? Someone who really really hates her? Her bounty is very high in the Rogues Gallery and she just can't figure out who dislikes her so greatly.

And what about poor Belgarath?? The 'former' mage. Someone did him in on the night of January 10. But I hear he is well on his way back to his former mage-like self.

And that new player, Rainbow, afraid to kiss Donjuan. Thinks he will kill him. And he could well be right. I heard Donjuan was a nasty killer type. And I don't think it helped that Rainbow dressed up like a woman to kiss him. Although I did get a glimpse of Rainbow's legs. Nice!

But Innocent the witch has no fear of Donjuan. She stated that Donjuan was the best kisser in the land. And kissed him right there in the tearoom to prove her point. He quit after that at the very same time that Sassenach did. Interesting. I wonder where they went?

Well, Rainbow also had become enamoured of yours truly, but my flirtatious ways discouraged him, I think. You know? That Crab guy is pretty cute! <wink>

Innocent the witch announced in the tearoom recently that she would have her picture up on Starquest's home page for one day only-Valentines Day-February 14th for anyone not aware of the date! You need the address you say? Try and I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

Wanderer has accused Spry of being a thief, after Spry nicked his icon. I spoke to Spry about this incident and she tells me that Wanderer is a novice killer and had in fact, attacked a couple of her friends. She nicked the icon in retaliation. She declined to name Wanderer's victims, however, and Wanderer denies the allegations, so I guess no one but Wanderer himself knows for sure. But after a recent conversation with Tethys, I tend to believe Wanderer is telling the truth. Seems Spry offered the LS to Tethys and gave it to him all right! Right over the head!

Pepper the mage has been naughty again, I hear. She attacked Mercury the sorcerer and when asked why, stated that Mercury had snooped her. She also said it was a mistake as she thought Mercury was only a spellbinder. Hmm…spellbinder and snoop just don't seem to go together.

This just in! Sources close to a well-known wizard tell me that rebels against the wizzes are rumoured to be rife in the land, hiding their weapons and hatching their plots in secret places underground. All players are encouraged to use extreme caution if you encounter any of these rogues, but kill them you must!

I heard tell of a Dragon Bash recently. It has been mentioned that it could be a way of weeding out the highlifes in the land and making them start over. I will participate and I encourage everyone else to as well. After all, the more there are, the better chance we have to be successful!

A new player Aerial, has been having some difficulty finding the spring in the dwarfen realm. Someone really should help her out. On second thought, maybe we shouldn't. On at least one occasion that I had the pleasure of visiting with you all, she was wearing a metal bra! She said something about Xena being her sister, so she can probably get around better than she is leading us to believe!
And my very super secret Wiz source tells me that Gromit the wizard nearly killed a mortal by burning him recently. My source wouldn't tell who it was, but I'm just glad it wasn't me! I mean, I like to keep warm but I do have my limits!

It seems I have a secret admirer writing things in the captain's logbook. So far no one will admit to it, but I encourage the writer to reveal to me his identity. I don't bite. Unless asked, of course!
I have heard some interesting stories recently about Tethys the warlock. Seems he made a trip to the UK and got some wizards seriously drunk. He says they got HIM drunk, but I plan to watch him closely and see what secrets he may have got out of them. Everyone knows that the wizzes know EVERYTHING. I suppose if Tethys makes it to wiz in the next few weeks, we should raise a howl and insist that it was the booze that pushed him to the top. <snicker>

We have a new Wannabe Killer in the land. He calls himself Incinerate, but the only one who got incinerated was him when he attempted to feed our friend the dragon. He attacked ME twice in a bash and twice I stole the cape from him during the fight. Whadda weenie! It goes without saying the bash failed due to his antics.

I also hear that Richard himself has been masquerading as a mortal lately. Incinerate perhaps?? Nah!! Couldn't possibly be!

Lanfear the mage made one of her rare appearances in the land recently and opened her mouth big enough to get her entire foot in it! Now it may be that she simply doesn't spend enough time in the land, I don't know, but it's never been any big secret that Barf and Grumpy are the same player. But in Grumpy's wizardly presence, she asked "Who is Barf's wiz?". I was surprised he didn't FOD her, but being the mellow wizard that he is, he probably thought that her embarrassment was punishment enough.

There has been some talk of a famous killer called Monkeymeat. He is much feared by the player called Laura. We wonder where he is now! Monkeymeat, if you are reading this, I challenge you to show yourself and rejoin the land.

And speaking of Laura, she has taken to wearing men's clothing, (expensive Italian silk suits I hear) and she rather likes being male. Maybe I'll get her to start opening doors for me! <cackle> Not too sure if she would though, because lately she's been seen courting the buxom barmaid, Beermug. Seems gender is not an issue to some folks! However, she tells me that she is now back to her female self, and I for one am glad. The name Laura when speaking of a man just doesn't fit somehow.

Well, boys and girls, that's all I have for you this month. Please remember to send me ( any juicy gossip you may hear. And if you don't hear any, well…make some up!! I look forward to hearing from each of you in the coming weeks! Please note that if you expect a reply, you should use mudmail (to Sonsie) or include your persona name in your Internet mail, as I cannot reply via the Internet.

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