Magic in The Land permeates everything, and even though it will be a while before you can use it, it's something you will need to understand early on in your MUD career. It comes in two principal manifestations:

  • spells
  • artefacts

Spells often accomplish what artefacts can do, but cost a lot of magic to use. For either, your chances of success depend on both your level and that of your victim. The most potent artefacts only work for very high-level players.

Some spells you should know of (but there are others!) are:

  • WISH - ask a question of the wizzes.
  • GLOW - victim glows in the dark.
  • CHANGE - changes the victim's sex.
  • BLIND - victim cannot see.
  • CRIPPLE - victim cannot move.
  • DEAFEN - victim cannot hear.
  • DUMB - victim cannot speak.
  • INVISIBLE - go invisible.
  • SLEEP - victim falls asleep.
  • SNOOP - copy everything on the victim's screen to yours.
  • SUMMON - teleport victim to your location.
  • WHERE - give the location of an object.
  • FOD - Finger Of Death - kills victim instantly.

Some magical artefacts (you'll have to discover their effects yourself!):

  • the baton
  • the bow
  • the flute
  • the mirror
  • the oracle
  • the amulet
  • the horn
  • the potions
  • the barometer
  • the stethoscope
  • the cape
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