MUD has a standard hierarchy of levels, and you can immediately tell what level a player is because, except for novices, a player's level is included as part of their name, eg. 'Nero the Hero'. There are two 'streams' of levels dependent on whether you are a magic-user or not (ie. whether you have touched the touchstone successfully or not). There are also two classes of persona, 'protected' and 'normal'.

A protected persona cannot attack or be attacked by another player. This makes it ideal for exploring and socialising. However, there is a penalty, in that protected personae cannot reach wizard/witch level. Instead, when they obtain 102,400 points, they lose their protected status and two thirds of their points (because it's easier to score points as a protected persona). To become a protected persona, issue the command VOW in the Tearoom. To cease being one, UNVOW from the Tearoom (NB: you will still lose two thirds of your points!).

The tables which follow list all the levels in the game, and the points required to achieve those levels.

PointsMale/Female fighter
0 novice
200 protector
400 yeoman/yeowoman
800 warrior
1,600 swordsman/swordswoman
3,200 hero/heroine
6,400 superhero/superheroine
12,800 champion/championne
25,600 guardian/guardienne
51,200 legend
102,400 Sir/Lady
204,800 -
PointsMale/Female magic-user
0 -
200 seer/seeress
400 soothsayer
800 cabalist
1,600 magician
3,200 enchanter/enchantress
6,400 spellbinder/spellbindress
12,800 sorcerer/sorceress
25,600 necromancer/necromancess
51,200 warlock
102,400 mage
204,800 wizard/witch
PointsMale/Female protected fighter
0 discoverer
200 pathfinder
400 voyager
800 wayfarer
1,600 scout
3,200 rover
6,400 pioneer
12,800 explorer
25,600 ranger
51,200 minstrel
102,400 -
204,800 -
PointsMale/Female protected magic-user
0 -
200 neophyte
400 pilgrim
800 acolyte
1,600 friar
3,200 cleric
6,400 brother/sister
12,800 priest/priestess
25,600 prelate
51,200 patriarch/matriarch
102,400 -
204,800 -
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