Our first POTM biography is that of Hakuman, also known as Mudguard, one of MUD2's legendary old-timers, who became POTM in March, 1997, shortly before his accession to wizdom at MUD2.COM.

April 1997 saw Tethys, a true MUD2.COM newbie, earn the distinguished title.

May 1997's POTM was a MUD2 oldtimer, Barf.

In June 1997, the title went to our Finnish player, Mithriel.

July 1997 was when Florence became our POTM.

August 1997 was the month of Inferno, one of our younger players.

September 1997 saw another oldtimer, Crab, win the title.

The MOTD for October 1997, Mapper, is now known as Gromit the wizard.

In November 1997 it was Laura, a long-lost player from NVN who just returned to our game, who received this title.

December, 1997 POTM: Beermug, who found that a text-only game isn't so confusing after all.

January 1998 POTM: Lestat, who admits to once phoning an arch-wiz to complain about the death of his persona.

February 1998: Sirkilalot, who is wondering why he didn't pick the name Fluffybunny instead.