Player of the Month. <Gulp> Hmm... who would have guessed what it would cost me to get to such an exalted status, huge phone bills, many sleepless nights, reams of paper and an extremely aggravated Fiancee. Well let me tell you, its worth it! (Well, maybe not the Fiancee bit.)

Sirkilalot lives in quiet anonymity in Surrey, England. He likes it that way as people would probably shun him otherwise. He does wish he had chosen a different name, like Fluffybunny or something. People always seem to think the worst of him, until they get to know him of course. Hes 30 years old and works for himself from home, which explains why he is always playing MUD.

I discovered MUD 10 or 12 years ago, I was still in school and running it from my BBC 32k computer (whatever happened to them?) at every opportunity. It was the most exciting game I had ever played, treasure, dragons and other assorted goodies all boggled my mind, as well as being able to interact with other live(?) players. It didnt last too long as exams interrupted my play and then I lost touch with the game for many years <sob>.

I never forgot my adventures in the Land and last November while searching the Internet, I stumbled upon the MUD2 site. I couldnt believe it. After all this time, could it be the same game? YES it could. I e-mailed Viktor immediately with my details.

After so long away the only thing I could remember was that there was a cottage by the road somewhere, which I quickly realised didnt help much <Sigh>, and that mapping was a good idea. I stepped tentatively into the Land, after thudding into most of the walls in the Tearoom, and proceeded to seek my fortune. After much hardship, heartache and constant assassination, that is the burden we all have to carry, I have finally made it to Warlock <Flexes>, for how much longer I dont know.

I am sure every player and mobile in the Land is going to take a shot at Rainbow and I now. Well all I can say about that is... fine with me! Bring it all on Bad Boys (and Girls). Umm... just start with Rainbow please.

I would like to say a huge thank you to the two players who befriended and took pity on a poor Newbie, and helped point me in the right direction, Crab and Tethys, (Sirkilalot gives you a great big hug!), undoubtedly two of the finest (mortal) players in the Land! Shame Ive got to kill them <G>.

Good luck to everyone and remember, dont carry a lit brand into the swamp!