Important notice: as of October 22, 2016, telnet access to MUD2 is now only possible through the nonstandard port 27723. Thank some script kiddies from (mainly) Vietnam and Brazil, trying hundreds of bogus passwords with telnet bots...

MUD2 is an abbreviation for Multi-User Dungeon, version 2. There are many games, in particular many muds on the Internet, but there's only one true MUD: the one designed by Richard Bartle & Co., the first version of which has come into existence back in the late 1970s. Our game here is a "modern" version of the very same game, created and maintained by the original author.

Multi-user dungeons, or MUDs, were the forefathers of the multi-player genre. MUD2 is a text game. Just as books didn't go out of fashion when the motion picture was invented, it is our belief, shared by many MUD players, that text games can continue to entertain many serious players. 

These games laid the foundation for MMORPGs. We invite you to give MUD2 a try: Text games may appear passé these days but as many MUD players can testify, they can still give you an unbelievable (to the extent that you are unable to type!) when you find your character being chased by a fire-breathing dragon.

Please use the menu on the left of this page to navigate this site. Or, you may want to proceed to our step-by-step instructions that explain how you can play the game.


Notice: It appears that due to recent changes in the Java security model, the Java-based front-end, which used to be the most convenient way to connect to the game, stopped working altogether. If this problem affects you, please try using one of the alternate means to connect to the game.

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