The creatures which wander around in The Land of MUD are called 'mobiles', largely for historical reasons. They come in many shapes and sizes, and all are endowed with some degree of intelligence; they have the potential to do anything a player can, and more besides! So do not be surprised to find them picking up weapons that are better than the ones they presently have, or dropping heavy objects when attacked, or even casting spells at you.

Not all mobiles are vicious killing machines. Many will hardly notice you if you don't bother them, and of those mobiles that do attack, some are so puny as to be fairly easy to dispose of, even for novices. Many of the stronger mobiles consider it beneath their dignity to attack low-level players, but as you accumulate points they may turn their attention to you. Likewise, if you annoy them, for example by hitting them or stealing things from them, they may get angry enough to want to teach you a lesson!

MUD has a large number of mobiles, a selection of ones not too hard to find being:

  • Rats - individually not hard to kill, but there are lots of them...
  • Zombies - they block your movement, but aren't too hard to destroy.
  • Skeletons - like zombies, but faster moving and much tougher.
  • Goblins - very easy EXCEPT for number 10, who is quite awkward!
  • Dwarfs - range from very easy to very hard, gauge from their descriptions.
  • Snakes - quite difficult, mainly because they flee a lot!
  • Sharks - cold, calculating killers, be careful!
  • Thief - very hard, and he steals things too.
  • Magpie - not so dangerous, but it flees a lot (and also steals things).
  • Man - normally placid, but not the pushover as he looks...
  • Parrot - puts up a fight, infuriating conversationalist.
  • Raven - minds its own business, occasionally speaks.
  • Mouse - a doddle!
  • Ox - it doesn't do much damage, but takes ages to beat.
  • Dragonfly - anyone can kill this, but some STILL use longswords "just in case"!
  • Butterfly - they don't come easier than the butterfly!
  • Ram - moderately difficult, hates players.
  • Goat - will attack virtually anything that moves! Formidable fighter.
  • Hedgehog - simple to kill, better just to hit it.
  • Wolf - always attacks, usually wins, a nasty piece of work.
  • Wraith - mean, fast-moving, but not inclined to attack.
  • Vampire - VERY dangerous! Casts spells, regenerates, is very strong. Avoid it!
  • Dragon - absolutely deadly! Even fleeing from it usually kills you!
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