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verb0 The abbreviation for the 'east' directional command. Often capitalised.
east-west dyslexia
noun The condition of having an internal representation of the Land which is a mirror image of the real one. The usual cause is a wiring of w as "to the right" and e as "to the left" in the sufferer's mind. The affliction is very hard to spot - people have even made wiz with undiagnosed east-west dyslexia. Victims can be made aware of their condition if shown a correct map at the same time as corresponding ROOM descriptions, but generally they will be incurable by this time. Fortunately, east-west dyslexia is not fatal. There are no recorded cases of 'north-south dyslexia'. Variant spellings: east-west <any anagram of dyslexia>.
easy meat
noun Easy to kill, either because of incompetence (eg. a plodder), lack of resources (eg. they're on their way back to a brands hatch) or an inherent disadvantage in the current situation ("Sorcs are easy meat if you have the LS"). See meat.
easy stuff
noun Synonym of easy T.
easy T
noun Nominally, treasure which can be obtained with little effort. In practice, the term tends to imply that the risks are low and the rewards moderate. Going for easy T is a good way to increase your score by a modest amount without risking life and limb. "The dragon almost did for me last reset, I'm going for some easy T this time to build myself back up". Highlifes who go for easy T as a matter of course will be mocked (and perhaps HACKed) mercilessly for having such a wimpish attitude. Sometimes, easy T is used sarcastically to refer to objects which lowlifes find difficult to get but which highlifes consider chickenfeed. "The mirror? That's easy T". See hard T.
noun Abbreviation for 'evil killer wizmort'. A BL term used to refer to any highlife you don't recognise... In other games, the term EKWM is preferred, and EKW is restricted to 'evil killer wiz'.
noun Abbreviation for 'evil killer wiz mortal'; similar to, and beginning to supersede, EKW (which is acquiring a more confined meaning as a wiz who is rather keen to dispose of mortals). Both terms are usually entirely capitalised.
1. adjective The emphatic form of being sparse (1).
2. adjective An area that is played out can be said to be empty. See sparse (2).
3. verb1 The command to upturn a container so its contents fall to the floor.
4. adjective Being devoid of players, or at least of highlife. In this sense, the game can be empty without being remotely empty (1). "BL was empty yesterday, they must have all been watching the superbowl on TV".
enforced friendliness
noun The condition which arises when game management is so tough that anything which can marginally upset players is stomped on hard. The result is that everyone is superficially nice to one another, while building up resentment. MUAs with enforced friendliness attract plodders, but people with that spark dislike the oppressive atmosphere and tend to leave. Unfortunately, plodders are very numerous, so enforced friendliness makes economic sense (at least in the short term before they start gunging up the works when they made wiz).
noun Abbreviation for 'experience points', ie. points. Some people will insist it stands for 'experience point' and add an 's' to it when they use it in the plural, but most don't. There is no dominant opinion as to whether the term should be in capitals or not. See exp.
1. exclamation Stunned surprise; being absolutely flabbergasted. P1: "You can summon the basilisk to the rapids" P2: "Erk!"
2. exclamation Not liking the consequences of what you've just been told. P1: "I've just seen <well- known killer> carrying the LS". P2: "Erk!"
noun The mobile who appears and shoots an arrow through the hearts of two personae. The term can be used as a verb, usually as a past participle: "I've been Erossed" (or "EROSsed"). If the two people who have been Erossed kiss one another, Strange Things happen. See Darling!.
Essex MUD
noun The original, 'classic' MUD version 3A which ran at Essex University from 1980 until 1988, from which virtually all other MUAs are descended. Also known as MUD1 (2) and SXMUD.
noun Abbreviation for 'evil unethical cheating wiz'. What BL mortals call wizzes (behind their backs - they think!).
verb1 To force a persona out of the game as a wiz, normally because their communications link appears to have gone dead. Q: "Why can't I talk to Kate?" A: "Her speccy caught fire, so I exed her". The past participle is sometimes used adjectivally, so "Kate is exed" and "Kate has been exed" are both acceptable.
examine fetish
noun Many SUAs have an 'examine' command, which provides more information about an object than its mere description. The result of this is that SUA players must 'examine' every object they ever come across, in case this reveals anything crucially important. 99% of the time, it doesn't... In MUD, the figure is 100%, so as not to hassle the players by obliging them to issue painful, pernickety, unnecessary commands that are better handled automatically. Nevertheless, there are some SUA diehards who consider that this is most unrealistic; such people are said to have an examine fetish.
noun Short for 'experience', and virtually always in terms of points rather than levels.
noun A player who gets most fun out of exploring the Land. For inexperienced explorers this will mean exploration in the conventional sense, making maps and so on, but addicts will probably concentrate on establishing the game's breadth, and true addicts will go for depth (all true addictss have an explorer facet to their personality). Explorers focus on the game rather than on players, and are passive in that they like it to do things to them, rather than them doing things to it. See killer, socialiser, T-hunter, HCDS.
noun Someone who plays a MUA by calling in over some communications network, rather than by playing local to the host. Despite BT's best efforts, this term is now largely obsolete. Compare internal.