by Innocent the White Witch <smiles sweetly>


 It’s a Merry, Merry Christmas season in MUD2! <festive cheer>

Every year, the Land is magically transformed into a holiday motif. Santa Claus can be seen wondering the land, giving out presents to those boys and girls who have been good. Awwww…the poor killers don’t get a Christmas cracker filled with goodies (I love that joke! <wink>). The reindeer roams, the turkey hops around and the snowman glories in the snow which falls this time of year in winter. The addition of these mobiles does make a bash a little harder, but I have noticed that the mortals are certainly up to the challenge lately. It must be the festive mood helping them to play so much better than usual! <cough>

There are thirteen Christmas presents that the Land gives to us, mortals and immortals alike, during this season of charity. Can you identify all of them? I will choose a special gift from the private wiz treasure collection for any mortal who can name all thirteen to me. <grin> So start doing your research and watch for me visible in the game.

The mausoleum is filled with Christmas cheer, too. All the mausoleum codes are special Christmas puzzles to delight and challenge you! Be sure to check them out. And speaking of prizes, I did hear a mortal exclaim that he would give his eye teeth for the new codes! <chuckle>

And last, but certainly not least, your beloved witches are truly into the Christmas spirit. Not surprising since this is their favourite holiday! Tabitha the Festive Witch gets the best dressed Christmas Witch award for her glorious holiday robes. Not to be outdone, all the other witches are offering holiday kisses with the mistletoe. If you have not received your holiday kiss, be sure to ask the most visible witch <wink>. And for those female mortals, I have also seen one or two wizards wondering the land looking for a peck on the cheek! Rumour has it that a kiss under the mistletoe from Viktor is worth double! <swoon>

MUD2 is open throughout the holidays, including Christmas Day. Plan to stop by on Christmas if not to play for a while to at least wish your favourite mortals and immortals a very Merry Christmas!

See you in the Land! <blows a special holiday kiss>