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interjection The magic-wand prompt that wizzes get instead of the less impressive '*' of everyday mortals. wizzes used to show pride in their status by appending a ----* on the end of any mail sent from their wiz persona, but the practice has virtually died out these days. In BL, many wizzes still place a ----* after their name when leaving messages, eg. "Rudy ----*". See whacker, wizzer.
2 w of swamp
noun The usual location where you leave objects for other personae to pick up later. It saves waiting around to give them the stuff personally. 2 w of swamp is a patch of dense forest, so wh only returns a vague answer if anyone happens to cast one. See kit.
50 series
adjective wafers with identification numbers of 50+. These are only edible to lowlife, although highlife sometimes carry them to confuse opponents who do 'g wafer f player' in fights. The term is often written as 50series. See novwafer.