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noun Abbreviation for 'zombie', a commonly-encountered type of mobile that always blocks the movement of highlife (an example of a macro trap). They don't attack very often, and aren't too difficult to beat even then; they're more of an irritation than a threat (but skellies, on the other hand...). However, they can come in clutches, so it isn't always a good idea to type 'k z' in case another one appears just as you hit the return key... Individual zombies will sometimes be referred to by number, eg. "I was the first person to open the BC, but Z8 was dead! Wiz interference!" (Aside: actually, it may not have been wiz interference, because if you get, say, vase2, and hit it until it's almost broken, you can put the bow in it, drop it in the circle, and it'll break upon impact when it arrives in the... What? You mean you could just use the GFC?). See zombied, clutch, zed.
verb1 In MUD1, to inflict damage with the 'wand' object. "Be with you soon, I just have some dwarf zapping to do". zap is the actual MUD1 command for using the wand, but, since you can't zap with anything else, use of the word in conversation generally drops any mention of the object (5).
noun An unexpectedly common way of referring to a zombie. "The zeds are in the Inn". It clearly derives from the way (non-American) people pronounce the shortest abbreviation, Z, but it's not immediately apparent why anyone would want to use it; the main reason, however, is that whereas zed is easily pluralised, Z isn't.
past participle Delayed (but not necessarily attacked) by a zombie. See <something> trouble, lazybones.
1. verb0 The abbreviation for the 'swamp' directional command. 'Sw' means 'southwest', so a fabricated word had to be used. See swamp (2).
2. noun The 'swamp' rooms, or, if it's obvious that only one is intended, the one immediately S of the rapids. This is a recent term, deriving from (1). See swamp (2).