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verb0 The abbreviation for the 'west' directional command. Often capitalised.
noun The room where the sundial is. Slithy toves gyre and gimble in such places. See troll.
noun A class of edible objects. Eating a wafer will restore lost stam. Most wafers are snapped up soon after a reset, but there are some that are only useful to low-level personae, and these are normally lying around for some time (in "Il Castellare", the Monastery and the Formal Gardens). See 50 series.
noun rooms which are descriptive but vacuous are wallpaper. They usually happen when a wiz has gone to the trouble of composing a finely detailed area in which you can unfortunately do little but wander around admiring the wallpaper. Some MUAs have the creation of room complexes (by anyone!) as their central theme, and these tend to be pretty well wallpaper throughout.
<persona/level> watch
noun When someone takes to playing at odd hours so as to avoid (usually wiz) killers, but said killers think it is important they get hacked, a watch is set up to catch them. This will normally be a mage watch (although in BL it would be a legend watch); the killers take it in turn to sit up all night waiting for their intended victim to appear. Sometimes, specific personae are watched for, eg. "Who's on Harry watch tonight?" See sneak, nocturnal.
noun Contraction of 'weapon'. See weapon.
1. noun A class of objects specifically intended to be used in fights to increase the damage meted out to opponents. The best weapons are swords and axes, but these require a minimum strength to wield them.
2. noun An object being used to hit an opponent in a fight. This may be a weapon (1), but can be whatever comes to hand. While looking for a proper weapon, people will often carry something easier to find, eg. a brand (lit ones are better). Almost anything can be used as a weapon, but 'obvious' ones are usually the best. See good weapon, bad weapon.
verb1 Abbreviation for 'where'. Used in conversation, eg. Q: "Wh Tom?" A: "He said he was going for a sandwich".
noun The wiz prompt. A BL favourite. See ----*.
verb01 To complain, as perceived by the person at whom the complaint is directed. "A mortal just whinged about that...". Sometimes used as a noun. See moan.
preposition The abbreviation for 'with'. Although true addicts prefer f, wi is still in common use for the universal preposition; some traditionalists stick to it even though they know that f is shorter. wi is used in conversation when f (read as 'from') would make less sense: "He hit me wi the LS a couple of times, but I was stacked with wafers so I wasn't worried". True addicts talking to one another may still use F even then, though.
noun A wind-up is something you tell people in order to get them to behave in a certain abnormal way. Mainstream usage implies you want them to explode in a fit of anger, but MUDspeke is often kinder and can refer to more subtle activities; poking fun at the gullible is particularly popular. "If you eat the jellyfish, you get all your stamina back". To expose someone to a wind-up is to wind them up. See fob, rumour, scam, stitch up.
1. verb1 To remove all information from, ie. (effectively) to delete. "I accidentally wiped my champ just now". See persona file.
2. noun The act of wiping. "There is a monthly wipe of all personae that haven't been used for 100 days".
1. noun Generic, gender-independent form of the 'wizard/witch' level. The highest level of the game. At wiz level, personae no longer need to acquire points, because they have effectively "won" the game. They are rewarded with exceptional powers, which they can use to make the game more fun for themselves and others. The term is often used in the plural, the wizzes, to mean those players who are at wiz level. See GWG.
2. verb0 What wizzes do, equivalent to the mortal act of burdling. "Oh, just wizzing around". A mainly Essex MUD term, but occasionally seen even nowadays.
wiz bit
noun The special priv necessary to give a wiz persona its full powers. Without this (which is set manually by an arch-wiz, rather than automatically), the persona will only be a mortal wiz. This is an aid to security - if someone unsuitable managed to make wiz before anyone could prevent them, at least they'd only be able to wreak major havoc (rather than the absolutely catastrophic havoc that a fully-blown wiz can create). The process of setting a wiz bit is known as perming. See BB/BS, mentor.
noun The state of being a wiz. It implies having knowledge beyond that of mere mortals. "Wizdom's great, there are all these new commands". BL wizzes may speak of gaining wizdom to mean making wiz, as a more suitably mystique-laden way saying the same thing. Compare wizhood, mortaldom (1).
noun What it is you acquire when you become a wiz. It's more the status of being a wiz than the state of being one, but the term can be used for both. Compare wizdom, mortalhood.
wiz interference
noun Some mortals believe that they cannot suffer fatal injury at the hands of a wiz, and therefore anything which remotely puts their persona in danger which has been caused by a wiz must be illegal. Sadly, such mortals are mistaken... This does not, however, prevent them from moaning about all manner of real or imagined interventions by wizzes. P1: "The last time I WHed the goat it was miles away, but it just attacked me! That's wiz interference!" P2: "The last time you WHed the goat was four hours ago..." See test, GWG.
wiz killer
noun A mortal persona, run by a player who has a wiz, which has been built up exclusively for the purpose of testing (or even just offing) mortal mortals. There is some debate as to whether wiz killers should attack other wiz mortals; the consensus seems to be that the situation shouldn't arise because wiz killers ought not to want to do so. If it happens, it's indicative of a game management problem (probably fragmentation of the wizzes into cliques). See wiz mortal, killer.
wiz list
noun The list of all personae to have made wiz in a particular incarnation of MUD. It may conceivably be purged from time to time (see persona file), but it's usually the case that once you've made wiz your name will remain on the wiz list until the game is shut down (unless you're /very/ naughty!).
wiz mode
noun The state of having full wiz privs in the game. Out of wiz mode, a wiz persona can test aspects of the game from a mortal's-eye-view, but there's the option to switch back again to do any setting-up that's necessary. In the early versions of MUD, wiz mode was called 'debug mode' (because that's what it was for!). See mortal wiz, break <one's> wizzer.
noun A derivative of wiz mortal. The term is predominant on BL, where there is a widely-believed legend (3) that a wizmort is a special kind of mortal that can be conjured up by wizzes at any level they choose, for the purpose of testing players in battle. wizmorts are reputedly unkillable. That mortals believe wizzes can have such powers and use them with discretion serves show that awe, respect and mystique are not yet dead in BL! See EKW.
wiz mortal
noun A mortal being run by a player who also has a wiz persona. The fact that a wiz is in control may or may not be widely known. wiz mortals are regarded by mortal mortals with fear and loathing, as they tend to be employed as killers or to expect the same respect normally due to wizzes. Sometimes, the term is contracted to wizmortal. See mortal mortal, real mortal, real player, incognito, masquerade, undercover, wizmort, wiz killer, "a mortal is a mortal...".
wiz run
noun When a very high-level persona is going all-out to make wiz, they're on their wiz run. They may SNEAK to within 10K of wiz, say, but their next few resets will probably be a frantic dash to grab the remainder before anyone can stop them. wiz runs are reportedly the most exhilarating periods of a player's time in the game. In BL, the wiz part is sometimes dropped, eg. "Stay out of her way, she's making a run!".
noun The wiz prompt; most commonly referred to this way in the BL phrase to break <one's> wizzer. See ----*.
work back up
verb1 To work up a persona to a point commensurate with where it was prior to some catastrophe which was so awful that the recovery process is going to take more time and effort than the phrase build back up conveys. "I had to flee with my warlock five times before I could get in a quit. It'll take me days to work back up again." See work up, build back up.
work up
verb1 To acquire points in a serious fashion. "I've worked up to necro already". It implies that you care about what you are doing and about the persona in question, and that it is a foreground task; building up is more of a background activity. Typically, players will work up their highest-level personae and build up other ones, as working up carries overtones of having done so by hard graft (building up is either routine or, for your main persona, very slow). A killer will normally be built up to a useful level before suddenly showing their true colours, but a killer that has worked up to a level has probably done so by killing. See arch-wiz.