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verb0 The abbreviation for the 'north' directional command. Often capitalised.
adjective In a MUA, lacking breadth.
noun Generic, gender-independent form of the 'necromancer/necromancess' level.
necro nuggets
noun In BL, where necro is the second-highest mortal level, necro nuggest are a favourite meal of killers who are unable to find (or unwilling to taste!) legend meat. Usually seen in plural form. "Look! Necro nuggets!".
noun Occasionally-seen variant form of necro.
noun A newcomer to the game. A player who is inexperienced. See novice (2).
nice guy
noun A player who is altruistic and forgiving, never attacking other players except perhaps to aid someone against a famously aggressive killer. Nice guys will guard your kit for you if you lose carrier, and will look on being killed dead dead as a rewarding, educational experience. Many PLODDERs are nice guys.
noun A binary unit of measurement of desirable things, meaning 'not enough'; it doesn't mean 'none at all'. If, for example, you claimed to have no wafers, then you could actually be carrying several - it's just that those you have are pretty well useless as far as you're concerned. You might really have none at all, of course, but not necessarily so. The opposite unit to no is stacks.
adjective Playing only in the dead of night. Usually used pejoratively of someone who is too afraid of being hacked to enter The Land when there are other people awake. Threatening to become nocturnal means you feel you're being unduly hassled, usually by killers, eg. "Unless Suzie and her crew lay off for a while, I'm going to have to go nocturnal". See sneak, <persona/level> watch.
no longer active
adjective The preferred way of saying inactive. See active (2).
not part of the game
adjective Something which may be interesting or entertaining, but which nevertheless is unlikely to achieve any worthwhile purpose. "You can go around hugging all the bees if you want, but it's not part of the game". Sometimes expressed as not really part of the game. See examine fetish.
noun A normal persona, rather than a protected one. All personae were of this kind originally; PPs were a later addition. As there was no name for personae that were not PPs, the term non-PPs was used as a stopgap until something better came along. As yet, nothing better has...
non-T T
noun Treasure which has another, more important, primary use. Generally, its points value is laughably low, and the only reason it's of class treasure at all is so as to inconvenience players who 'dr t' without having having first performed the necessary 'keep'; stealers will also show an unnatural interest in it. The object which best epitomises non-T T is MUD2's umbrella - practically worthless, but not quite...
Not updating persona
interjection The words that appear when your persona has died dead dead. The most awful thing that can possibly befall you. Used jokingly to refer to the supposed consequences of an experimental action. Q: "What happens if I attack the rats while blind?" A: "Not updating persona".
1. noun A persona of rank novice. See novies.
2. noun An inexperienced player. The player need not be playing a persona of rank novice, but it will doubtless be low level. See newbie.
3. verb1 To reduce a persona to the rank of novice (1). It implies death death. "Come after me with that BS and I'll novice you!".
noun Another way of saying novice (1). The singular form is never seen, so it's moot whether it should be novy or novie. "There are a lot of novies around tonight". See y.
noun One of the 50 series wafers. The term is still in common use, although strictly speaking it's now inaccurate.
noun Abbreviation for 'non-player character', ie. a mobile. This is a term originating in table-top fantasy role-playing games which is gradually creeping into MUA use.
noun Abbreviation for 'narrow road between lands', the eventual starting location in MUD1 (originally it was at the 'road opposite cottage') and where you will end up if you go o repeatedly from MUD1 rooms while carrying something. A sometime meeting place for personae to carry out small interactions, eg. if they have just been Erossed. The description of the NRBL was the subject of several sets of MUD sweatshirts, but was later abandoned (in favour of the 'ring of stones') because its reference to "a pair of majestic mountains" was misunderstood when worn by real females.