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1. verb12 The abbreviated form of the 'kill' command. When used non-imperatively, it may imply the death death of the victim, rather than merely an attack on them. As with most abbreviations of non-directional commands, K will often be capitalised when constructing other tenses, eg. "I Ked the v last night - what a fight!".
2. noun Abbreviation for 'thousands of points'. "I'm 2K short of necro now". In this context, it may or may not be capitalised.
noun A killer is a player who gets most fun out of causing destructive grief to other players. Capable killers are among the most expert players of the game, with only their rather distasteful goals distinguishing them from other true addicts. Personae rarely matter to killers except as vehicles for meting out and receiving punishment. killers are never liked, but they may be respected. The term is a misnomer, since although killers attack often they rarely actually kill - the victim usually flees pathetically early, frightened more by reputation than by verifiable offensive capability. Some killers look upon their chosen vocation as a public duty, ridding The Land of plodders and people with banal names - indeed, there is an entire subclass of killer, the wiz killer, for which this is purportedly their raison d'ˆtre: cullers, rather than killers. Few mortals believe such excuses, of course... Killers are interested in players rather than the game, and are active with it. See explorer, socialiser, T-hunter, wiz killer, kill points, <level> meat, necro nuggets, dogfood, HCDS.
killer killer
noun A vigilante who tries to kill killers; such personae don't attempt to off each other, however. There is no killer killer killer construct, as the set of people who try to kill killer killers matches exactly the set of killers... Wiz killers may turn killer killer if they feel the game is being spoiled by the exploits of a small minority of skilled yet indiscriminate killers, but normally wiz killers are just highly-principled killers.
kill points
noun The points obtained by the victor of a fight; how much a persona is worth dead dead.
kiss up
verb1 To acquire huge quantities of points by being kissed by other personae. In MUD1, it was once possible to be kissed up to wiz, but this is no longer the case. "Oops, sorry, I didn't mean to swamp your icons. Let me kiss you up the lost points". See frig up, play up.
noun The objects you have accumulated in order to facilitate play, rather than to solve puzzles or to swamp. Kit includes things like wafers, weapons, FSs, containers etc. If you are quitting, you may like to give your kit to another friendly-looking persona, rather than let it go to waste. If you do, you'll normally leave it 2 w of swamp. Also known as stuff.
kitted out
adjective Having sufficient kit for your needs. See tooled up, bristling.