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verb0 Abbreviation for the 'jump' directional command. See jump (1); it is never, apparently, used as an abbreviation for the other senses of jump.
1. adjective Of a persona, worth lots of points; just waiting to be killed.
2. adjective Of a weapon, doing lots of damage. See good weapon.
3. adjective Of anything, being much better than objects having a similar primary use, eg. juicy wafer, juicy potion, juicy area.
1. verb0 The 'jump' directional command.
2. verb1 To ambush someone, normally from the point of view of the victim. "If you're thinking of jumping me in the hut, forget it!". 'Ambush' would perhaps be used by the attacker, as it implies that the deed has been planned previously and executed efficiently, whereas the victim would likely prefer not to attribute such deviousness to their opponent... See PP.
3. verb0 In MUD1, where resets can co-exist simultaneously, to leave a reset prematurely in the hope of getting into a fresh reset ahead of everyone else.
noun What the news media call people who play MUAs a lot. The term is shunned by players, especially if prefixed with the word 'computer'. Anyone who willingly admits that the term applies to them in a MUA context is automatically conferred with ploddership. players prefer to call themselves (or, more likely, others) addicts.