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1. verb12 The abbreviation for the 'get' command in MUD. As with 'drop', there are related commands that use the same MUDDLE routines, namely 'steal' and 'remove'. G is the archetypal one-letter verb, as in 'g t f z'.
2. noun The abbreviation for 'goblin'. You can 'g t f g' if you like. Sometimes, specific goblins may be abbreviated by number, eg. "Watch out for G10, he's mean...".
gaining wizdom
See wizdom.
See ship.
the game
1. noun MUD from a play-oriented point of view, as opposed to one which is, say, scenario- or FE-oriented. When you are playing MUD, you are in the game. If you say to someone, "I'll see you in the game", it means you expect to encounter them while playing MUD. The phrase the game is never used adjectivally, unlike the term MUD. See also not part of the game, real world.
2. noun Technically, that which is written in MUDDLE (or MUDDL) rather than that which is programmed to interpret it, or that which it interprets. This actually corresponds almost identically with (1), although only true addicts or programming language hackers would probably appreciate the fact.
game management
1. noun The process of ensuring that the game is generally fun for its players. Game management is necessary because with so many different people playing from different backgrounds and having different attitudes, conflicts are bound to arise. Game management aims to ensure that these are dealt with fairly and in a just manner. Game management policy is usually formulated by the arch-wizzes, and enforced day-to-day by the wizzes (arch-wizzes handle inter-wiz disputes). Common causes of moans are the behaviour of killers (especially wiz killers), vindictive insults/abuse, perceived unfairness, and more mundane things like cost and carrier loss. Logs are essential for good game management, as players involved in disputes often misunderstand or misinterpret what has happened - something they may think is wiz interference could actually be the result of legitimate action by players, for example. Common errors of game management are inconsistency ("You resurrected him but you didn't resurrect me!"), believing that the customer is always right ("Well gee, if you suffered carrier loss I guess I'd better give you back all your points"), and feeling sorry for someone ("I restored her, it was her first necro"). Equally bad is petty-minded intransigence ("I don't care how much you grovel in apology, the FOD for saying 'darn' stands!"), over-enthusiastic rule enforcement ("How did you know to say hi when he entered, you never typed QW? You're multi-lining!") and lack of trust in wizzes ("I know you say you wouldn't have FODded her really, but how can I be sure of that?"). Game management can make or break a MUA, so guaranteeing that it is sound is a prime objective of its owners. See CompuNet MUD, enforced friendliness, GWG.
2. noun The people who perform game management (1). "It's like the mortals think they're game management!"
gang bang
noun A fight where one persona is attacked by two or more personae working together as a team. Primarily a BL term; MUD2 players normally use bundle.
noun Abbreviation for 'Goat Cup'. This is a vaguely annual competition for wiz mortals to demonstrate their fighting prowess (or, more likely, their lack of it). It is named after the goat, MUD2's most conspicuously belligerent mobile. In BL, the GC competition is characterised by arcane rules of inordinate complexity. "I can't be bothered with tax forms, they're as bad as GC rules".
noun A class (1) of mobile, the members of which exist solely to relocate specific objects during a reset. In particular, they will redistribute parachutes, boats, keys, trinkets and certain pieces of paper - in other words, objects which could lock out whole areas if they were deliberately disposed of early on. Relocation will be to a safe forest, and only takes place if the candidate object is reasonably out of play (eg. alone in a room or swamped). Glimpses of genies are rare, but not impossible: you may sometimes see one appear in your room to drop off some object before disappearing to do the next one on its list.
noun A BL term for killing all the dwarfs; also known as dwarf genocide. It's not too difficult if you have the wand, but it's a lot of fun. There is no MUD2 equivalent, although it is occasionally practised; dwarf bashing, which merely results in the death of large numbers of them, is more frequent. See bash (1).
1. noun Abbreviation for 'grandfather clock', the object in MUD2.
2. noun As (1), but the small area inside the object, rather than the object itself.
1. adjective Beautifully pure and sweet. "This new sword is really glitzy". "I love dreams, they're so glitzy". Only people with that spark are capable of appreciating glitziness. Anyone exhibiting glitzy play is a great snoop.
2. adjective Impressively fast. "When there were no batch jobs running, MUD on the VAX was really glitzy". This is the mainstream computing use of the term.
verb1 To collect large amounts of low-valued T; this takes longer than collecting small amounts of high-valued T, but carries less risk and hurts less to abandon mid-way through when some crazed killer suddenly shows up on the 'qw' list. The routes taken can be varied, making glooping less mindless than most other methods mages employ to try increase their points tally, but it can still be done on auto-pilot. It differs from scoop up (2) in that it is the main tactic being employed by the player; scooping things up is usually incidental to some greater objective (and hoovering is goal-independent). The origin of gloop is unknown: MUD1 and MUD2 only use the word as a sound effect with reference to the 'fiery pit', so it seems unlikely to have derived from there.
noun The goblins, collectively. It gives a nice impression of hordes of ineffective knee-highs jumping up trying to eat you.
go berserk
verb0 To enter berserk mode. In MUD1, the command to do this was (imaginatively) 'berserk'.
go down a level
verb0 To lose sufficient points to pass the threshhold to the next lower level. See level, go up a level, go over, make <level>, novice (3).
noun Desirable things. Usually T, but the term can include other useful objects.
good snoop
noun A good snoop is one in which useful information was obtained. "I had a good snoop yesterday, I saw how to do the Keep". See snoop, great snoop.
good weapon
noun A weapon which is particularly effective in a fight, eg. the BS. A non-weapon might "make a good weapon", if used in a fight, but it still probably won't be as effective in the long run as a proper (albeit bad) weapon. See bad weapon, weapon, juicy (2).
good wiz
1. noun A wiz who abides by the recommendations of the GWG.
2. noun A wiz who is fair, just and respected. Ideally, being a good wiz (2) follows from being a good wiz (1).
go over
verb0 A BL way of saying to make wiz, although they say that too. See wizdom.
verb1 A contraction of ('I have') 'got to'. "Gotta quit, strawberries for tea!" "Gotta get to the swamp, Norg's fighting Grooble".
go up a level
verb0 To gain sufficient points to pass the threshhold to the next higher level. See level, go down a level, go over, make <level>.
great snoop
noun Someone is a great snoop is it is fun to snoop them. A term of mountainous approval. "Catch a load of Nadine, she's a great snoop". Unlike good snoop, the term is used to refer to the persona being snooped (ie. the snoopee) rather than to the act of snooping itself.
noun Any of the dwarfs from the sets of three purposely located in the dwarf Realm with the intention of offing intruders. These chaps are tougher than most ordinary dwarfs (which is why they got the job!), so look out.
noun A temporary persona with limited commands at its disposal, present only so that prospective players can play for long enough to pique their
interest. guest personae are deleted automatically when the player who created them leaves the game. See tour, puest.
adjective How one feels when one of your personae, to which you have become deeply attached, is killed dead dead. There's no other word for it. You have to experience it to understand...
noun Abbreviation for 'Good Wiz Guide', the document that fashions the scope of wiz powers in the game. Not available to mortals... See wiz interference, good wiz.