Bombow's Challenge

Once more, Ahoy There, Land Lubbers!

Before we begin, let's look back on last time's victor: Endiss. Endiss is rarely seen in The Land, but still seemed to know his busts from his barometers. He found every item I was looking for, but one, and guessed that. Well done Endiss! He even managed to submit his answers within only a week of the publication of the last Challenge... a double triumph!

To celebrate the hard work of all the personae who entered, I arranged a Prize Giving for Sunday, 24 May in the inn's Party room. Battling above the drunken throng, I revealed the correct answers to the third Challenge. This wasn't so interesting to Endiss of course, who already knew the answers. In fact, he seemed to be paying Sonsie far more attention than me: I wonder if something is going on there that shouldn't be? Sonsie soon drank too much however, and provided amusement for everyone. If you want to know the answers - too bad, you were invited to the Prize Giving!

As is becoming our custom, during the get together, the Challenge Winners' board was unveiled, showing Endiss' name added below the second Challenge's winner, Sirkilalot. Sonsie received a beautiful warrant to recognise her fine work in winning a runners up prize. I also commended Tabitha the whimsical witch for submitting the best entry from an immortal.

As it's been some time since Endiss won the Third Challenge, I thought I'd tantalise you with the loot he carried off to the swamp:

A small, bronze key, neatly engraved "vici", has been tossed here.
A tarnished solid silver sextant with ivory inlay has been dropped here.
Nearby an ancient compass spins aimlessly, its rose decorated with an astounding variety of precious stones.
A golden rehoboam sits before you, stoppered, and marked: "champagne". The golden rehoboam contains champagne.
A remarkable chaplet of platinum and gold leaves, adorned with countless tiny rubies, gleams here.
A tiger eye talisman, embodying a breathtaking opal, catches your eye.

He even had time to figure out how to make very effective use of the ancient compass, completing a Task before the reset finally ended...

Accept the Fourth Challenge!

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