Bombow's Challenge

Ahoy there, Land lubbers!

A hearty slap on the back to Sirkilalot for triumphing in my second Challenge! Sirkilalot managed to return his answers only a week after the publication of the last ABC, and what's more he didn't make one mistake. Sirkilalot was not the only person to submit a faultless set of answers: Florence and Rainbow also managed to turn out equally impressive solutions. A special mention to Beermug who included "Mt. Rushmore", "1400 Pennsylvania Avenue" and "On Top of Old Smokey" among his efforts!

I arranged a Prize Giving gathering for Saturday, 4 April in the inn's Party room. In front of an expectant and (sometimes) hushed crowd I revealed the correct answers to my second Challenge. I won't repeat them here: you should have come to the Prize Giving to find out! Of course, you could try persuading one of Tabitha, Gromit, Starfire, Florence, Grumpy, Toto, Rainbow, Sonsie, Beermug or Tobias to spill the beans.

During the get together, the Challenge Winners' board was unveiled, showing Sirkilalot's name added below last month's winner, Crab. Sirkilalot wasn't able to attend the ceremony and a telegram apologising for his absence was read out. I had to decline Rainbow's kind offer to carry off his Winner's reward. Fortunately Rainbow himself was awarded a sealed warrant as a Runner up, as was Beermug for his humerous efforts. Florence received a beautiful, although valueless, warrant to recognise her contribution.

After the formalities had concluded Sirkilalot made an appearance in the tearoom. With the aid of an immortal or two I was able to hand over his winner's loot. There were seconds to spare before the reset, but Sirkilalot made a mad dash for the treacherous swamp and banked the lot. He even had time to figure out how to make very effective use of the ancient compass, completing a Task before the reset finally ended...

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