Bombow's Second? No, Third Challenge

I, Admiral Bombow, challenge you to explore a number of the Land's most prized treasures (and some not so prized!), identifying each from a limited description and information.

In the years before my inn became abandoned I overheard many punters brag, in great detail, of the curious treasures and trinkets that they had discovered while exploring the Land. So that none of this valuable information would slip my mind I secretly made long lists itemising each article's particulars. Now my mind is riddled and raddled by rum, the old kill-devil; yet I still have the partial details of over twenty five of these desirable objects.

The Challenge is for you to identify the objects listed below using only the single word taken from their description and also their weight. When these objects' names are arranged in list order, their first letters describe a location in the Land.

I wish to know the names of the 26 objects together with the description of the location given by the first letters of their names.

Once you're satisfied that you've done your best, email your answers to, mentioning your persona name in the subject line. To stand a chance of winning I must have received your entries by the end of Monday, 18 May. The victorious player, who will be presented with a suitable reward, shall be the first person to have submitted the greatest number of correct object names by that date. In the event more than one player submits a faultless set of answers, the answers submitted earlier will take precedence and win.

When I next see a friendly arch-wizard after Monday, 18 May, I'll ask him to announce an open invitation to the Prize Giving Ceremony. Naturally, as in my previous Challenges, a variety of generous Runners Up prizes will be also be awarded.

Good Luck!

1. "polished" 40g
2. "beautiful" 1kg 500g
3. "heavy" 1kg 10g
4. "glorious" 2kg
5. "toy" 100g
6. "decorative" 200g
7. "old" 550g
8. "marble" 40kg
9. "magical" 1kg
10. "large" 8kg
11. "antique" 5kg
12. "valuable" 100g
13. "curious" 10g
14. "small" 5g
15. "golden" 900g
16. "silver" 400g
17. "succulent" 1kg 200g
18. "colourful" 20g
19. "worn" 110g
20. "oriental" 1kg 500g
21. "splendid" 500g
22. "fine" 10g
23. "wooden" 20kg 500g
24. "magnificent" 2kg
25. "grubby" 400g
26. "short" 400g

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