All the utility programs described in this section of the Library are accessible from the Login Menu. However, the term "Login Menu" isn't really appropriate, since you don't get a menu presented after having logged in. You USED to get one, but not any more! The phrase is only used because some old-timers are too addled to learn a new one...

When you've linked through to the MUD system, there's a message saying "MUD login menu", and then there's a prompt:

Option (H for help):

When you get that prompt, that's when you're at the login menu!

Most of the utility programs associated with MUD will offer you detailed information if you type H at them. They will list all the commands available to you if you type C. That also applies to the Login Menu, since really it's just another utility program. Thus, if you really want something that looks like a menu, type a C.

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