There are many entries in the Library (option L from the login menu), which will give you hints and ideas. If you explore it, you're bound to find something of interest. Most of it is not supplied by MUSE, as some players have their own sections and upload their own entries; these are often more entertaining and informative than the "official" ones - and more up-to-date, too!

By far the best way to get information, though, is to chat with the other players. The Elizabethan Tearoom is a good place to talk, since everyone passes through there when they start to play (and there's no fighting, either!). You'll find they are an endless source of information, generally happy to talk, and will probably be interested in you and what you have to say. Communication is MUD's main strength, and you should use it to the full. It is also two-way: if you want to talk, then talk, don't wait for someone else to start!

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