The command to pick up an object is GET, which is shortened to G. If you G STICK then you will pick up any sticks lying about in your room. The command to put down an object is DROP, shortened to DR. If you DR STICK you would drop any sticks you were carrying (they'd fall to the ground in your room).

Some objects, eg. bags and boxes, are containers. You can put objects in a container by using DROP (or PUT), eg. DR COIN IN BAG. To get something out of a container, use GET, eg. G COIN FROM BAG.

You can also get objects from creatures and other players by using GET (or STEAL). G AXE FROM NORBERT will attempt to transfer Norbert's axe to you, although you won't always succeed, especially for big objects. DROP (or GIVE) will hand an object to a creature or another player, eg. GIVE BOX TO VAMPIRE.

To find out what you're carrying at any time, use INVENTORY, which is shortened to just I. There is a limit to the number of objects you can carry loose (ie. not in containers), and also in the total weight you can cart around with you (including anything in your containers).

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