Now, what sort of help is available to you here? Well, a lot less than there should be, because it hasn't all been written yet! There are descriptions of the various support programs that make up the non-game part of the MUD system software, but they're probably not too interesting to rank amateurs. If you're a complete beginner, take a look at the Beginners' Companion for a brief explanation of how to get started in MUD. Later, the MUD De-mystifier may prove useful if you have any questions you'd like to ask, but which you are too ashamed to voice in case people think you're an idiot. In either case, before you play MUD you should read the terms and conditions first - they indicate the extent of the powers of the game owners (which, in layman's terms, are that the game's owners can do pretty well what they like!).

I won't bore you any further by telling you things you don't really want to know. Go back to the main Library page now, see what information is available, and have a pleasant browse!

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