So far, we have mentioned wizards and witches ('wizzes') quite a lot. We have advised you as how to approach them, hinted at some of their abilities, and told you that to become a wiz is your goal. What we have not said is what wizzes are, and what happens to you when you become one.

In brief, wizzes have virtually limitless power. They can pick up treasures from wherever they like, whenever they like; teleport to any location, including some that mere mortals can never visit; destroy anything they like with casual ease. They can also create their own rooms, objects, and even mobiles, imbuing them with life to roam The Land at their behest.

A staggering list of spells and special wiz commands lie at their fingertips, enabling them to make things appear to happen that haven't, or not to have happened that have; they can add or remove points from players, confiscate their treasures, move them about, even change their name and title! They can become the mobiles that stalk the land, playing as the dragon, say, instead of as their wiz. It is hardly surprising that one frequently hears it said that becoming a wiz is when the fun in MUD REALLY starts!

This Beginners Companion is too small to go into detail. Once you become a wiz, the arch-wizzes will contact you and tell you what you need to know, and exactly what you can do with your new-found might. Remember, however, that with these hard-won powers comes great responsibility, and that wizzes are not only masters of The Land, but also its most trusted servants. Although the road is tough, by the time you have reached this exalted status, you will certainly have earned your reward!

Good luck!

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Magic in The Land permeates everything, and even though it will be a while before you can use it, it's something you will need to understand early on in your MUD career. It comes in two principal manifestations:

  • spells
  • artefacts

Spells often accomplish what artefacts can do, but cost a lot of magic to use. For either, your chances of success depend on both your level and that of your victim. The most potent artefacts only work for very high-level players.

Some spells you should know of (but there are others!) are:

  • WISH - ask a question of the wizzes.
  • GLOW - victim glows in the dark.
  • CHANGE - changes the victim's sex.
  • BLIND - victim cannot see.
  • CRIPPLE - victim cannot move.
  • DEAFEN - victim cannot hear.
  • DUMB - victim cannot speak.
  • INVISIBLE - go invisible.
  • SLEEP - victim falls asleep.
  • SNOOP - copy everything on the victim's screen to yours.
  • SUMMON - teleport victim to your location.
  • WHERE - give the location of an object.
  • FOD - Finger Of Death - kills victim instantly.

Some magical artefacts (you'll have to discover their effects yourself!):

  • the baton
  • the bow
  • the flute
  • the mirror
  • the oracle
  • the amulet
  • the horn
  • the potions
  • the barometer
  • the stethoscope
  • the cape
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MUD has a standard hierarchy of levels, and you can immediately tell what level a player is because, except for novices, a player's level is included as part of their name, eg. 'Nero the Hero'. There are two 'streams' of levels dependent on whether you are a magic-user or not (ie. whether you have touched the touchstone successfully or not). There are also two classes of persona, 'protected' and 'normal'.

A protected persona cannot attack or be attacked by another player. This makes it ideal for exploring and socialising. However, there is a penalty, in that protected personae cannot reach wizard/witch level. Instead, when they obtain 102,400 points, they lose their protected status and two thirds of their points (because it's easier to score points as a protected persona). To become a protected persona, issue the command VOW in the Tearoom. To cease being one, UNVOW from the Tearoom (NB: you will still lose two thirds of your points!).

The tables which follow list all the levels in the game, and the points required to achieve those levels.

PointsMale/Female fighter
0 novice
200 protector
400 yeoman/yeowoman
800 warrior
1,600 swordsman/swordswoman
3,200 hero/heroine
6,400 superhero/superheroine
12,800 champion/championne
25,600 guardian/guardienne
51,200 legend
102,400 Sir/Lady
204,800 -
PointsMale/Female magic-user
0 -
200 seer/seeress
400 soothsayer
800 cabalist
1,600 magician
3,200 enchanter/enchantress
6,400 spellbinder/spellbindress
12,800 sorcerer/sorceress
25,600 necromancer/necromancess
51,200 warlock
102,400 mage
204,800 wizard/witch
PointsMale/Female protected fighter
0 discoverer
200 pathfinder
400 voyager
800 wayfarer
1,600 scout
3,200 rover
6,400 pioneer
12,800 explorer
25,600 ranger
51,200 minstrel
102,400 -
204,800 -
PointsMale/Female protected magic-user
0 -
200 neophyte
400 pilgrim
800 acolyte
1,600 friar
3,200 cleric
6,400 brother/sister
12,800 priest/priestess
25,600 prelate
51,200 patriarch/matriarch
102,400 -
204,800 -
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Put simply, the overall objective of MUD is to become a wizard or witch. Clearly, there is more to it than that - otherwise the wizzes would stop playing once they made it to the top - but it gives the game an underlying framework to direct most folks' play.

To become a wiz, you need to accumulate 'points'. You start off at 0, as a 'novice'. As you obtain more points, you will go up through different 'levels', the highest of which is wizard/witch.

There are three basic ways to obtain points:

  • treasure
  • fighting
  • deeds

Treasure is the most popular way of collecting points, since it is easiest! When you find something valuable, take it to the swamp and drop it. You will be given some points for it, but it is out of play until the game resets (well, sometimes magic can replace it). 'Swamping' treasure is how most players increase their score.

Fighting is a way to go up levels quickly, since the rewards can be very high (some players are worth around 40,000 points dead!). However, it is also a risk - you may yourself be killed! You'll certainly make enemies if you go around attacking players, but few people object to the slaying of mobiles!

Other ways of obtaining points depend on your doing something, for example entering the fountain of wisdom (if you can find it!). Sometimes, you can find your score increased because of what other players have done - when the number of mobiles alive drops to 100, for example, everyone in The Land receives a bonus, even if they've only been in two minutes! Wizards and witches can give out points for deeds they consider worthwhile, or because they feel sorry for you; however, they can take points away, too, so don't be too fawning to them!

You can lose points all three ways, as well. Some treasure is worth negative points to non-novices; if you flee in a fight, or are killed, you'll lose points dependent on your level; some actions which cause your (temporary) death can reduce your points total, eg. walking into the swamp carrying a burning fire brand.

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