You get enough points to go up a level! The LEVELS command tells you how many points are needed per level. Every time you go up a level, your strength, dexterity and stamina go up 10 points, to a maximum of 100. There are a few potions around that can raise (or lower!) them higher, normally only temporarily. Similarly, there are spells that can have a limited effect.

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Well, there are several methods. The safest is to quit the game and wait. Your persona will get back about one point of stamina for every minute you don't play with it. Either use another persona instead, potter about in the Library, or log off and save money!

A similar way to get back stamina safely is to stand around in the Tearoom when you enter the game. This is quicker than leaving your persona out of play, but of course you will be paying money while you wait. Quite often when you enter the game there will be people hanging around in the Tearoom recovering lost stamina, and they will usually be only too pleased to have someone to chat to; if you need any help or advice, or just a shoulder to cry on, just sit around in the Tearoom accosting people as they enter!

A more dangerous way to regain stamina it is to SLEEP. Here, you get your stamina back at the rate of 1 every 2 seconds after the first 6. If you are attacked while asleep, however, the consequences with respect to your health will be severe! It is also difficult to sleep sometimes because other players keep making noises and waking you up (but not always in bedrooms).The quickest way to regain stamina is to eat a wafer. These are highly sought-after objects found in places which are difficult to get to, but they will immediately add an amount to your stamina if you eat them. As with treasure, there are some wafers which are intended expressly for the use of low-ranking players, especially in the monastery area.

Of course, there are other ways to get back stamina (eg. certain potions and spells), but they're not all that important to low-level players such as yourself...

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It depends how it happened. If it was due to your doing something silly like jumping off a cliff, you will be "dead", but can come back straight away completely intact. If, however, you died because your stamina went to 0 or less, eg. in a fight (but there are other ways it can happen!), then you will be "dead dead" and your persona will be completely erased from the records. Even the name will disappear. This is often a heart-rending occurrence, and can take some getting over, but other players are usually sympathetic and will do their best to cheer you up.

Expect to be killed, especially when you are exploring. You have three personae which you can use, ie. three different characters. Most players keep one for "serious play" and use the others for fun and exploring, since it doesn't really matter if these get bumped off by The Land's creatures or other players.

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Fights are an intrinsic part of MUD, and you are bound to be attacked eventually, by The Land's resident creatures if not by the other players! It is important to decide quickly whether you stand a chance of winning or not. If you think you're bound to lose, it's best to leave the fight as soon as possible. The command to do this is FLEE, shortened to F. This makes you drop everything you were carrying, and moves you in a random direction. Since it may be that there isn't an exit in that direction and you could therefore remain in the room with your opponent (who may well attack again!), FLEE is best used in conjunction with a direction - OUT is a good one, since most rooms have an OUT exit. Hence, if in doubt, F O!

If you think you can win, or would like to risk it anyway, do nothing! Fights continue automatically in MUD, blow by blow, until either party dies or flees. The exact details of how a round of fighting proceeds are quite elaborate, but are based on your strength, dexterity and stamina. The higher your dexterity, the greater your chance of hitting your opponent. The higher your strength, the more damage you will do when you do hit. Your stamina is how much damage you can take, and when it falls to 0 or less, you die. When you are hit in a fight, you are told your remaining stamina as a fraction of your total, eg. (39/45) means it's 39 out of a maximum of 45.

Lots of players wait until their stamina gets close to 0, then FLEE. A good many of such players get killed, because the time between blows in fights is randomly determined and there's a fair chance another exchange will take place before your FLEE command takes effect! So leave a margin of error when you decide to flee, in case your opponent gets another blow in! The most common complaint received by MUSE is "my flee didn't work", which is regarded by the more experienced players as meaning "I didn't flee in time"...

There are many other commands related to fights, and although most are too specialised to mention here, there are three which merit a brief outline. If you are attacked and are carrying something you think you could use as a weapon, use the RETALIATE (or USE) command, eg. USE STICK. This will increase the damage you do when you land a blow. To find out how badly injured your opponent is, use LOOK, as in L ENID. You'll be given a description which, although vague, is good enough to tell you whether you're making an impression. Finally, the command sequence F O followed by QUIT is very popular because people don't want to hang around if they are low on stamina. However, if your opponent is quick you can be attacked again after the F O but before the QUIT has been performed. The command SUPERFLEE (or SF) combines the two. It costs more points to use, but at least you'll survive!

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