It is way beyond the scope of this document to discuss spell usage in detail, but it is the right place to issue a warning. Set into the North Mountain is a 'cave of stars', which contains an object called a 'touchstone'. If you touch this, you stand a chance of becoming a magic-user. However, this chance is VERY low until about level 7. Consequently, DO NOT TOUCH THE TOUCHSTONE until you know an awful lot more about the game! Otherwise, the odds are that your persona will be instantly destroyed.

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Lots of things! It's impossible to classify what you're likely to hear, although some things are more likely than others (bad language is rare, for example, because players who use it are punished almost immediately by the wizards and witches).

What is often confusing to newcomers is the strange call "icons?" followed some minutes later by a countdown from three to one. This is where a group of players have got together to tackle a particular puzzle which involves their issuing a MEDITATE command simultaneously in certain places about The Land. Once you've got the feel of the game, you'll find out more about it from the other players.

Some players like to keep everyone informed of their activities. You often hear people shouting "hi" (or words to that effect!), and bidding you farewell when they leave (often saying where they have left the useful objects that they had accumulated while playing, eg. keys). These characters will usually supply a ready stream of amusing incidents as they stumble about The Land in their quest for treasure, although not all are friendly...You will occasionally hear appeals for help, when players have been attacked by some of the more vicious creatures. Wait until you have experience of fighting before thinking of joining in, or you might not last too long. Sometimes players shout for help to lure others into a trap, but thankfully not TOO often..!

Some wizards and witches will set quests or quizzes for players, by shouting out questions and awarding points for the correct answers. This can be fun, and you can join in while carrying out your normal exploring/treasure-seeking activities. If a visible wizard or witch shouts, you will be told their name, rather than the 'male/female voice inthe distance'. Likewise, they will be told your name when you shout - anonymity is not guaranteed!

Finally, not everyone likes shouting and you will sometimes see shouts like "QUIET!" and "SHUT UP!!!". These people are trying to catch some sleep to restore stamina, and shouting wakes them up! If they're powerful magic-users, you may find yourself being 'dumbed' if you persist. You have been warned!

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Rooms have a 'short description' and a 'long description'. When you enter a room for the first time in a game, you will be given both descriptions. On subsequent entries, you will get only the short description, and will have to use the LOOK command to get the full description again. If you want the long description every time, use the VERBOSE command; to get only short descriptions when you enter rooms, use the BRIEF command. UNBRIEF and UNVERBOSE take you back to the original "verbose on first entry" mode.

There is another pair of commands, FIGHTBRIEF and FIGHTVERBOSE (FB and FV) which you might find useful. They control the amount of text you get when a fight is taking place. Although the descriptions of blows may be interesting, they can sometimes be a pain, especially for players at 300 baud.

Your VERBOSE/BRIEF and FV/FB settings are saved with your persona, so you don't need to use them every time you play.

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There are lots of instances of certain classes of objects, for example brands (sticks). If you G BRAND, you will pick up all brands in the room. If you only wanted one particular brand, and not the others, it would be hard to reference it unless it had a unique name. Hence, you would eg. G BRAND4.

This looks odd at first, but is indispensible once you get used to it. For example, suppose you had earlier hurt RAT2 but it had fled. If you then entered a room containing six rats, you wouldn't want to KILL RAT because then you'd end up fighting all six! KILL RAT2, however, would select the particular rat you knew was low on stamina.

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