MUD2 is a text game. To access the game, a program must run on your computer that allows interactive text communication with a remote server. There are several such programs in existence, including programs that are shipped as standard components of Windows. (Windows telnet is not enabled by default; it is a Windows component that must be enabled through the Control Panel). If you have a telnet program on your computer, you shall be able to play the game by clicking here. Remember to log in with the user name mud before entering your unique ID and password.

Note: This page is for those who already have an account at MUD2.COM. If you have not yet signed up for an account but wish to try the game, please visit our guest login page.

Important: if you are connecting through a corporate firewall, or if your browser is configured to use a "proxy server", you may not be able to connect to the game.

As of November 15, 2006, MUD2 is free to all players. However, donations are always welcome.

If you decide to contribute, the easiest way to do so is through PAYPAL. Please follow the link below to make a donation:

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If you think that MUD2 may be a game for you to play, you are invited to try the game as a "guest". Note: your computer must have a "telnet" program installed for this link to work. Windows has a standard telnet application, but it is not installed by default; it must be enabled through the Control Panel.

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The ultimate goal for many MUD2 players is to reach the level of immortality, and become a nearly omnipotent wizard or witch in the game. Unfortunately there are no easy instructions about how to achieve this result: what you need is persistence, the ability to solve tough puzzles, to survive attacks from fellow players who are after your points or belongings, and eventually, to gain the 204,800 points needed to achieve immortal level.

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interjection The magic-wand prompt that wizzes get instead of the less impressive '*' of everyday mortals. wizzes used to show pride in their status by appending a ----* on the end of any mail sent from their wiz persona, but the practice has virtually died out these days. In BL, many wizzes still place a ----* after their name when leaving messages, eg. "Rudy ----*". See whacker, wizzer.
2 w of swamp
noun The usual location where you leave objects for other personae to pick up later. It saves waiting around to give them the stuff personally. 2 w of swamp is a patch of dense forest, so wh only returns a vague answer if anyone happens to cast one. See kit.
50 series
adjective wafers with identification numbers of 50+. These are only edible to lowlife, although highlife sometimes carry them to confuse opponents who do 'g wafer f player' in fights. The term is often written as 50series. See novwafer.