Some of the words in this dictionary are trademarked to commercial companies. In order to avoid being hit for not saying so, the following trademarks are acknowledged - let's hope no-one has been missed out...

Advanced D&D TSR Ltd.
Air Warrior Kesmai Corporation
Apricot ACT plc.
Archimedes Acorn Computers Ltd.
B-17 Boeing
B-29 Boeing
B-52 Boeing
British Legends CompuServe Inc. & MUSE Ltd.
BT British Telecommunications plc.
CompuNet CompuNet Ltd.
CompuServe CompuServe Inc.
D&D TSR Ltd.
DEC-10 Digital Equipment Corporation
Glaxo Glaxo Group plc.
IBM PC International Business Machines
M68020 Motorola Inc.
Macro-10 Digital Equipment Corporation
MS-DOS Microsoft Corporation
OS9 Microware Systems Corporation &
Motorola Inc.
Prestel British Telecommunications plc.
PR1ME Prime Computers
Sinclair AMSTRAD plc.
Spectrum AMSTRAD plc.
Turbo Pascal Borland International Inc.
Unix AT&T
VAX Digital Equipment Corporation
VMS Digital Equipment Corporation
Zork Infocom