I didn't use this name when I first played MUD2, but I quickly realised the vastness of the game and created Mapper. My goal was to map every room in the entire Land. I meticulously and painstakingly drafted and redrafted and then redrafted again each and every room with the exits. When complete, there were over 800 rooms and I was addicted to MUD2.

Meanwhile I had worked my way up to champion mostly by playing successful mobile bashes (3000 was a lot then), I suvived the TS and got to necro before I bumped into a killer... I had found 2 wafers and the LS so I tryed killing the rats for the first time, but about half way through Pandora the sorceress appears and attacks me with the BS, shortly I'm on 10 stamina, out of wafers and trying to keep up with the scroll from so many rats, Pandora the sorceress hits you, Not updating persona.

Having nothing left to map, I turned to the rest of the game and found progress slower, most players talked about it taking years. I was impatient to learn so when I found out you can snoop other players(!) and there was a tool that made it relatively easy(!) I jumped at the chance and started snooping almost every reset.

After snooping got boring I started to play more and snoop less. I died to the dragon and the wyvern before making warlock on a bash. That same bash before I had time to check out the new spells, I offered to help with the surly dwarfs (very silly), I fled twice and got out on 6 stam!

Time passed, I did all the tasks for the first time, learned why highlifes should carry protection the hard way and slowly made my way to mage. One reset I was on 119k, well kitted and Pepper the warlock comes on, since she had attacked me a few times, I attacked expecting some free flee points. But it didnt turn out that way! Not updating persona.

Lost two more mages, 130k to vampire and wraith, 150k to surly dwarfs after trying to steal a wafer (that wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have 6 already!). Fled lots to the orcs, lagged in a fight with orc15 at 190k, lucky for me it died before I did!

Then one Sunday morning I 'did' the dragon for the last time, raided the keep, plundered druids, swamped the crown, dodged the orcs, beat up a wafer stealing golem and swamped the icons to cross over to wiz.