My first exposure to MUD, like a lot of people, was reading Richard's article in December 1983's Practical Computing. I just dug out my copy from the loft and had another read. Even 14 years later it sounds like an exciting game! At the time, I had neither money nor modem, so playing the game wasn't possible. About a year later though I managed to get into Essex's computer through the fledgling JANET network with some network terminals in the university computer centre. Needless to say, I was hooked soon after.

After many sleepless nights (Essex MUD only ran from 2am to 7am) and lots of deaths, I finally made it to Wizard but unfortunately the game closed soon after. After BT started up its MUD2, I tried playing again but it didn't seem the same to pay by the minute to play <g>. That was the last I saw of MUD for a long time.

My reintroduction to MUD came a while ago when I started playing one of the many free mud-style games on the Internet. After getting hooked on multiplayer adventuring again, I finally tracked MUD2 down to its old home at IPLAY. Since they were offering free access at the time, I played it for a couple of months and had a lot of fun. There is really no other game which is as intense as MUD2. The other Internet muds are quite tame in comparison!

For various real life reasons, I stopped playing until recently when I found MUD2's new home here at So, POTM, huh? Maybe I will finally make it back to the exalted height of Wizard? Or maybe the Dragon will fry me again <cackle>.

Crab the warlock, Player of the Month