I'm a 16 year-old junior in Manalapan High School, and I live in Colts Neck, New Jersey. I first played a MUD about four years ago. That first MUD that has now hooked me to the MUDding experience was none other then BL, also known as the original MUD1. For the next three years, the only MUDs I played were BL and IOK (Island Of Kesmai), since I had Compuserve, and had never heard of telnet at the time. After three years of playing on and off, I made wiz there as Polar, in April '96. About two weeks after making wiz, a fellow BL wiz introduced me to MUD2.

From the first time I played MUD2, I loved it. The improvements made from BL were so many and made such a good impact on the game as a whole that I was immidiately hooked. This was at the previously open IPlay site. There was a Satchi Cup held about two weeks after I first played MUD2. For those who do not know, a Satchi Cup is similar to the Sorc Bash's held every month in that the last person standing was the winner, but there are several important differences. First, this was a much more prestigous event. Whereas in the average sorc bash there may be only 5-10 people, the Satchi Cup had upwards of 50 people in the beginning. Furthermore, you started as a 0 point novice, and then could do whatever you wanted to gain points or fight other players. When a survival bonus would be given by the game, i.e. every 30 minutes, the wizzes gave 25,600 points to all living players. So, if you did not lose any points, you would have a Legend after the second bonus. You could go for magic at anytime you chose, but if you died for any reason, you were out. Finally, when 15 minutes were left in the reset, all surviving players were summoned to Draggy island (minus the dragon, of course <G>) and the final battle was had. Also, the winners did not get points, but instead got real life prizes. I came in second, and had a choice of five IPlay computer game titles. Coming in second after playing for only two weeks was quite interesting and helpful, because I became known as a player after that.

I quickly progressed as a MUD2 player there, and was named POTM for June '96. Unfortunately, I was unable to play for a three week period in July, and when I returned, I returned to see the last reset of the IPlay site go by! I was a 120k mage at the time, which was my highest ever at that time.

After a long year of missing MUD2, I found the new site run by Viktor. I have been progressing further, and have had a mage as high as 167k to date. Though being named POTM does not help me avoid trouble all to well, I am fairly used to it. The same mage that went as high as 167k also had a 21k bounty on his head, so the "attention" has become fairly customary now <G>. All in all, I hope to make wiz soon. I honestly do not have a regular playing time. I am on Eastern Standard Time, but that does not really mean anything due to the fact that I may be playing when it is 3 AM here <G>. If you'd like to reach me, send e-mail to me at jon1723@aol.com or to Inferno in the MUD2 mail system. For a quicker response, however, send the mail to my MUD2 account, because I come in MUD2 more often then I check my AOL mail <G>. As a closing note, I'd like to say that the most deadly killer that has ever prowled MUD2 is definetly ULTRA Lag, for it kills without mercy and without any concern to your attempts to stop it!

Inferno the Mage (in his dreams) Player of the Month