When you sign up for a new account at MUD2.COM, we ask that you supply your real name, country of residence, and e-mail address. Several would-be players expressed concern that this information may be abused, or fall into the wrong hands.

  1. We ask for names, e-mail, and country of residence for several reasons; these include tax (on Canadian accounts, we need to charge the Canadian federal Goods and Services Tax); fraud (we like to know who we are dealing with, especially in view of the fact that folks tried to use MUD2 in the past to communicate illegal schemes or even utter real life threats towards fellow players); and contact (if your account is unpaid, we want to be able to send you mail!)
  2. The only personal information on the MUD2 machine proper is your name.
  3. The only people who have access to this information are MUD2's arch-wizzes.
  4. Wizzes have no access to information such as your account number or the name under which your account is registered. However, they can see all persona names under your account, and they can tell whether an account is newly opened.
  5. Other account information, including your e-mail or country of residence, are NOT stored on the MUD machine, except temporarily during the signup process.
  6. Credit card charges are processed through PAYPAL. No credit card information is requested by us or stored on our servers.
  7. Privacy is paramount. We do not disclose any account information to anyone. Such disclosure by another arch, or attempts by a player to access this information through illegal means are reasons for immediate dismissal from the game, cancellation of the account, and possibly even real-life sanctions.
  8. If we ever suspect that someone's privacy has been violated, we also intend to notify the victim, so that he or she can take whatever steps necessary to limit the damage.