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Here you can find the list of those personae who are considered, by some, to be the most despicable rogues in The Land! We've applied a subtle twist, though. Through the trickeries of unspeakable magic, Admiral Bombow's Chronicles has been able to find a more *revealing* ranking of these rascals...

In the Rogues Gallery a high total reward might disguise dozens of tiny contributing contracts, whereas a relatively low reward could, in fact, result from a single much larger contract. We cock-a-snoot at the value of the total "REWARD:" listed within the pages of the Rogues Gallery. Instead, ABC will Rank The Rogues by the number of players who have contributed to their total Gallery-listed reward.

The further towards the top of our list you see a Rogue, the more of his fellow players have been prepared to spend hard-earned points to see the rascal finished!

If you're not familiar with The Land's system of contracts and rewards, try HELP CONTRACT while playing in the game.

                     ROGUES GALLERY
 BEING a list of the most NOTORIOUS criminals in The Land.
 WANTED: Lanfear        BY: 14 players
 WANTED: Damned         BY: 6 players
 WANTED: Sirkilalot     BY: 5 players
 WANTED: Xiouyu         BY: 3 players
 WANTED: Muddweller     BY: 3 players
 WANTED: Paddy          BY: 3 players
 WANTED: Pippen         BY: 2 players
 WANTED: Sdrawkcab      BY: 2 players
 WANTED: Kelly          BY: 2 players
 WANTED: Flick          BY: 1 player
 WANTED: Beermug        BY: 1 player
 WANTED: Ookri0         BY: 1 player
 WANTED: Hectic         BY: 1 player
 WANTED: Angelmist      BY: 1 player
 WANTED: Burgerking     BY: 1 player

Quick Fire Curiosity

What does it take to become a rotten rogue? Every issue we probe one of the Ranked Rogues, asking what makes The Land special for him or her. Last time Damned was picked at random to provide some answers, this month we pitch the same 10 questions to Mohican the mage. [Mohican answered these questions in March while still listed in the RG; since then some clever beast has claimed the reward for his death!]

  1. How long have you been playing?

    Mohican the mage says "bout 11 years".

  2. Is there somewhere significant for you in the Land? If so, where is that?

    Mohican the mage says "ermm...the deck of the ship...".
    Mohican the mage says "i imagine myself standing on it, looking out to sea, to see the mainland and the island, the salt spray in my face, that sort of thing".

  3. Do you have a favourite weapon? If so, what is it?

    Mohican the mage says "well I always use the staff if I can".
    Mohican the mage says "but i prfer the ls".
    Mohican the mage exclaims "it's nice to be a sir with the ls!".

  4. Which Task do you find the most difficult to complete?

    Mohican the mage says "none of them".
    Mohican the mage says "dragon is the scariest though...".

  5. What is the largest number of points you've scored in a single reset?

    Mohican the mage says "24k beat up some mage with leopard once, then got a few bits of t".
    Mohican skips.
    Mohican the mage says "very nice if you can get it".
    Mohican the mage grins, wickedly.

  6. When did you last die DEAD DEAD and how?

    Mohican the mage asks "dead dead?".
    Mohican the mage says "ermm...".
    Mohican the mage says "dragon as super, back in nov last year, after about 1 week back from my long break from the game".
    Mohican the mage says "don't think mohican has died since I came back nope".

  7. Which piece of treasure do you covet the most?

    Mohican the mage says "well, fore value, the corwn, for use the amulet".

  8. Which mobile do you think is the most difficult to do away with?

    Mohican the mage says "the v".
    Mohican the mage says "i hate how he gerts so much stam back".

  9. Do you know where to find the words "Made in Macao" in the Land?

    Mohican the mage says "errr...rings a bell, but sorry no".

  10. If you could ask Richard Bartle a single question, what would it be?

    Mohican the mage thinks.
    Mohican the mage wonders.
    Mohican the mage says "where do you get your inspiration for all the different ideas of the objects/locations and mobiles in the land?".

    Richard the arch-wizard's replies, "I just use my imagination. I'm not 'inspired' by anything; my imagination doesn't need sparks to fire it, it's burning all the time. ".

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