Fetching Etchings
by Florence

Here are pictures of some of the people I've met on my travels throughout the Land. I've added a few comments, to help you get the idea (my sketching skills are not perfect, I'll admit). Any complaints should be sent to the editor (abc@mud2.com), any compliments to Florence <g>.

[Oh, and a quick note about Jillithe - I *know* she has an invisible broom, but I've always imagined her as the sort of witch who would fly about on a vacuum.]

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[Viktor the arch-wizard]
Viktor the arch-wizard

[Grumpy the wizard]
Grumpy the wizard

[Jillithe the witch]
Jillithe the witch

[Starfire the witch]
Starfire the witch

[Tabitha the witch]
Tabitha the witch

[Crowley the swordy]
Crowley the swordsman

[Flick the mage]
Flick the mage

[A Newbie]
A Newbie

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