Bombow's Challenge

Once more, Ahoy There, Land Lubbers!

Have you ever wondered why no one seems to recognise your unique skills in The Land? Do you dream of fame and fortune (well, points at least), but only ever get sucked into the swamp or your own sense of self-pity at suffering yet another "silly" death..!? Is there a way to regain your self-esteem, and leave a lasting mark in The Land to testify to your ability?


Every so often I, Admiral Bombow (nautical navigator, some-time innkeeper and publisher of these famous Chronicles), challenge you to show off the knowledge you've acquired on your travels down the badly paved road of life in The Land. Crucially, you needn't be a tired, magic-scarred, saggy old mage to make the best of one of my Challenges; in every case anyone with a willingness to explore and experiment has just as much chance of success!

There have been four Challenges thus far, and it is my intention to pose a new puzzle in each subsequent issue of the Chronicles. Before I move on to tell of the latest (the fifth) Challenge let me quickly recount the last prize giving ceremony, and once more congratulate the triumphant players.

We gathered a good while back in the Admiral Bombow Inn's Party room (up three staircases from the Entrance hall, and then opposite the door marked "PRIVATE"). There was a good turn out, with many eager to hear who had been awarded the title of the 4th Challenge's winner and others there for the ample supply of free eggnog. While some listened to the dulcet harmonies of conjured carol singers drifting in from the Thin ledge, others staggered hopelessly inebriated over it. As I announced then, Tabitha had been judged the winner; congratulations to her! You can read her winning entry elsewhere in this issue of the Chronicles. In the last Challenge I asked players to describe the history of the coat of arms on display in Il Castellare's Sitting room; at the prize giving ceremony I told Antman's excellent runners up story to the appreciative gathering. Well done Antman!

Accept the fifth Challenge!

Other regular events in the Land:

Mobile Bashes

During a mobile bash, participating mortals try to eliminate all the Land's mobiles. It isn't easy but a successful mobile bash can be worth many thousands of points to the lucky participants.

North American players: 9 PM Eastern every Wednesday

Overseas players: 4PM Eastern every Tuesday

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