Volume III...

A new year, a new look... and a new editor! Without further comment, allow me to simply thank Tobias for taking over. Never has the ABC been in more capable hands! - Viktor


Since the final issue of Volume II three personae have flung aside their mortal attire, donning the robes of Immortality, joining mud2.com's clique of wizards and witches. Congratulations to Florence, Boggy and Keyser. This issue we take a look at just what it takes to make wiz: you'll read tales of derring-do, grand plans and downright hard work. A big thank you to our intrepid reporter, Hawumph, who dared to stir the wizzes, and also for all the replies we had to his tentative enquiry.

The question now remains to be answered: did Hawumph find that vital nugget of information that will push him over from eternal mage to immortal wizard? You'll find about his previous mortal efforts among our "Player Of The Month" biographies. The POTM title has been awarded 12 times since the writer of our last published POTM biography gained it, so we've still plenty of interesting material to catch up on in forthcoming issues.

Back to Volume III Issue I, however. The new volume number indicates that mud2.com is entering its third year as host of MUD2 on the internet. While the celebrations for our first birthday included slaying the dragon, our second birthday seems to have passed with far less of a RHOAAAUUUAURRRRGGGGGGHGHHHGHHHH. ABC has the rare opportunity to chat with Viktor the arch-wizard, mud2.com's sysop, about the last couple of years and his plans for the future.

As an aside, let me remind you of the Dublin MUDmeet this July. I'd recommend if you can possibly get along, then do so. I've only ever been to one MUDmeet (Edinburgh '98), but in many, many ways it was quite an eye-opener. If you can't get along don't panic - we'll be sending along an undercover investigator to bring back the juiciest tit-bits of info and gossip.

Finally, please feel free to write to ABC about anything and everything MUD2 related. We do promise to publish all letters received; and if you ask nicely, I'll even guarantee anonymity! Letters should be emailed to abc@mud2.com. A huge thank you to all this issue's contributors: I'm looking forward to working with you on the next issue.

Tobias. ----*

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