Contributions to this newsletter are more than welcome. If you have something that you believe to be of interest to MUD2 players, please don't hesitate to submit them to Tobias!

Submissions can contain text and graphics, although other formats (sound, video) may also be considered. Whether it is a few lines from a captured buffer containing an amusing discussion in the Tearoom, your personal digitised photograph of the dragon that you snapped while risking your life on the steep slope, or a line art drawing of the dwarf coronation ceremony, please send it in! Sending submissions (for instance, drawings) by "snail-mail" is also acceptable, if you don't have access to facilities (scanner, sound card, etc.) to turn your material into a digitised format.

The address to send your submissions to:

When you submit a contribution, please indicate clearly the status of material's copyright. If the contribution is something of your own creation, you must grant us permission to republish the material before we can include it in this newsletter. If it is something that you obtained from another source, you must first obtain permission from the owner of the material which you shall than forward to us. Please note that we reserve the right to edit contributed material.

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