Top Ten Most Valuable Players

This is a list of the ten most valuable personae in The Land. Each persona is ranked according to his or her value if killed PLUS any bounty contracted on that persona's life in the Rogues Gallery. The most valuable persona is listed first. The total worth of these ten personae alone is a staggering 310, 607 points! The list was prepared during the last week of October 1998.

  1. Lanfear the mage
  2. Damned the mage
  3. Sonsie the mage
  4. Sirkilalot the mage
  5. Arcady the mage
  6. Moneypenny the mage
  7. Fishbait the mage
  8. Merlin the mage
  9. Rainbow the warlock
  10. Munchkin the mage

Value bands: 20k-30k, 30k-40k and 40k+.

Quick Fire Curiosity

What does it take to become a haughty highlife? Every issue we probe one of the Top Ten Most Wanted, asking what makes The Land special for him or her. Last time Dirk was picked at random to provide some answers, this month we pitch the same 10 questions to Damned the mage.

  1. How long have you been playing?

    Damned the mage says "12 years".
    Damned the mage blushes.

  2. Is there somewhere significant for you in the Land? If so, where is that?

    Damned the mage says "the place most significant is drier part of swamp.".

  3. Do you have a favourite weapon? If so, what is it?

    Damned the mage says "fav weapon dagger0 .".

  4. Which Task do you find the most difficult to complete?

    Damned the mage says "the one you get for doing all 8 in one reset.".
    Damned the mage says "nice bonus."

  5. What is the largest number of points you've scored in a single reset?

    Damned the mage says "most points 28000.".
    Damned the mage says "killing anthrax by mistake <blush>".

  6. When did you last die DEAD DEAD and how?

    Damned the mage says "last time dieed was as damned < ahem to the dragon as a lowlife i believe".

  7. Which piece of treasure do you covet the most?

    Damned the mage says "Crown!".
    Damned the mage says "only because I dont have much time each day to play and that offers the best rewards for the dhortest effor.t".

  8. Which mobile do you think is the most difficult to do away with?

    Damned the mage says "hardest mobile for me is wolf ... lost a mage and a warlock to him.".

  9. Do you know where to find the words "Made in Macao" in the Land?

    Damned the mage says "i have seen it but cant remember where.".

  10. If you could ask Richard Bartle a single question, what would it be?

    Damned the mage says "question to richard.....".
    Damned the mage says "why do wiz killers get to log in as highlifes with no fyi message.".
    Damned the mage says "thats always bothered me.".
    Damned the mage says "hehehehe".
    Damned the mage says "contraversial one that one.".

    Richard the arch-wizard's reply? "They don't.".

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