Top Ten Most Valuable Players

With a slight change in emphasis, we will now bring you the Land's ten most valuable mortals each issue. The list as of Saturday, 2nd May:

  1. Lanfear the mage
  2. Dirk the mage
  3. Zalagar the mage
  4. Sonsie the mage
  5. Laura the mage
  6. Muddweller the mage
  7. Sdrawkcab the mage
  8. Sancorro the mage
  9. Toto the mage
  10. Dilly the mage

Assuming you were cunning enough to claim the values of all these personae, you would score 313,774 points. Allowing for a few flees along the way that might even be enough to change level from novice to wiz!

Quick Fire Curiosity

Have you ever wondered what makes the Land special for other players? We're going to focus on one valuable player in each issue of ABC, asking them to reply to ten quick questions. This issue Dirk the mage was picked at random to provide some answers.

  1. How long have you been playing?

    Dirk the mage says "I only just arrived? Oh, I see what you mean. Since 1985.".

  2. Is there somewhere significant for you in the Land? If so, where is that?

    Dirk the mage says "No.".
    Dirk the mage says "(couldn't think of an answer to that one!)".

  3. Do you have a favourite weapon? If so, what is it?

    Dirk the mage says "Va.".

  4. Which Task do you find the most difficult to complete?

    Dirk the mage says "Killing 6 snakes. I tend to fall asleep before I finish it.".

  5. What is the largest number of points you've scored in a single reset?

    Dirk the mage says "44,072 - While playing under another name.".
    Dirk the mage winks.

  6. When did you last die DEAD DEAD and how?

    Dirk the mage thinks.
    Dirk the mage says "I can't remember.".
    Dirk the mage thinks.

  7. Which piece of treasure do you covet the most?

    Dirk the mage says "Probably Va, because it can lead to lots of other points.".
    Dirk the mage cackles.

  8. Which mobile do you think is the most difficult to do away with?

    Dirk the mage says "The dove. It will never stay in a fight long enough to kill it.".
    Dirk the mage says "Reminds me of some players I know.".

  9. Do you know where to find the words "Made in Macao" in the Land?

    Dirk the mage says "Yes.".

  10. If you could ask Richard Bartle a single question, what would it be?

    Dirk the mage says "'Isn't it your round, Richard?'".

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