Sonsie Says...

It's time once again for gossip to be shared with all interested parties. Unfortunately, I haven't been in the land much lately due to real life concerns, but as always, I'll do my very best with what I have.

Seems Moneypenny and James caused quite a stir for a short while. I thought they were lots of fun and rather miss their serious/hilarious banter. But Moneypenny got hungry for James' job I hear and so a duel was fought and she lost. But what I haven't heard is why James suddenly disappeared. Other than he FODded himself, I know nothing. So if anyone has details, please fill me in!

I heard that our Laura has fallen in love. And with a dog no less! Course he is kinda cute, that Toto. But I sure wouldn't want to have to clean up after him!

That rotten Incinerate is back in the news again. His game is improving and if I ever want to be witch, I suppose I'd better do it before he gets too proficient at killing.

The meet in Edinburgh sounds like it will be loads of fun. I encourage everyone in the area to attend if possible. I'm not exactly in the area, but I'm even going to try to go. Depends on whether or not my editor will give me the time off. What do you say Boss? (Out of the question... unless you were planning to bring back a report, of course! -- the ed.)

I heard that Hastur has a sure fire way of discouraging snoops. I don't know what it is exactly, but it messed up one warlocks screen so badly she had to quit and come back!

Starfire has been seen riding around the land on the Dragon's back. I wish I knew how she did that! She tells me she and the dragon have become good friends since she became immortal. I guess that explains her tombstone.

I attended the prizegiving ceremony for Bombow's challenge recently. My congrats to all the winners. But one thing has been bothering me a bit lately. Did anyone notice how the good admiral was leering at me? Gave me the creeps. He HAS to be about a kazillion years old!

Has anyone heard any more about the impending wedding? I haven't been asked to be the flower girl yet, but there may still be time. However, no one has given me any flowers to take the petals from so I may not be able to do it anyway! <sigh>

Lestat, that evil killer, was seen in the tearoom recently flirting outrageously with none other than myself. He is supposed to be very handsome, but I watched as he gave Toto a lethal injection to save him from ever having to worry about getting rabies. I think his mind works in mysterious ways and I'm not entirely sure it's a mystery that I want to unravel. Pretty faces aren't always what they seem.

Lassie showed up shortly after Toto passed on in the tearoom, so there may be a regular canine gathering going on. I wonder if Rin Tin Tin will be next? Perhaps Old Yeller? Hey! If we have dogs, why not have talking horses? Where are you, Mr. Ed? (Are you talking to me? -- the ed.)

Babycakes has been seen down by the river with Tethys. I didn't ask what they were doing. But I know they were doing something secret. They looked very guilty as I walked by. If anyone hears anything about their plotting, please let me know so I can include it in the next issue.

Rainbow made some noises recently about going over to Wireplay and leaving us at I think he was swayed though, when he was able to get a sorcerer in the course of one afternoon's play. I like that man, even if he does has a tendency to exhibitionism in the tearoom. (Ask Hawumph, he knows what I'm talking about!)

It has been mentioned that the dragon has an AUTO K PLAYER command and has been using it a lot lately. What I want to know is how anyone snooped the dragon to find that command!

Watch out all you people. Toto just became a mage I heard just now. Oh, Lestaaaaaa-aat! Your lethal injection didn't work!! Guess you will have to take care of this dog by normal means. <g>

And speaking of Lestat. I got brave a few days ago and summoned him! I'd have killed him too but he fled! (Yeah, ok...that's what he was supposed to do to save his sorry skin.) He's lots of fun to fight with, but I wouldn't imagine I could enjoy dying to him over much.

That's all there is for this month fellow players. Be sure to do lots of silly stuff and tell me about it so I can report it to all your friends and enemies. And if you don't do anything worth reporting, make something up about someone and lets get some good gossip going! Until next time! Adios!

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