The Elusive Leprechaun

This fragment was recently unearthed from the historical archives of MUD2. Little is known about the leprechaun; in fact, it is rumoured that the last time he was seen, the Land was still called MUD1. Does this fragment date from that epoch, or is it a hint that another lucky mortal may stumble upon the little green fellow and become the recipient of untold riches?

I have seen the leprechaun! If I hadn’t had my scroll buffer on, I might not have believed it for he was gone in the blink of an eye. But I saw him.

He was a tiny fellow with a red cap. He was perfect in every way with a little mouth and little eyes. I was in the new area, trying to find those lotus bushes everyone is talking about when I came across a shoe. I picked up the shoe and was in the process of examining it when I heard a tapping sound. I looked SE and saw the leprechaun and another shoe. I quickly went SE.

For just a brief moment he was poised with a little hammer working on this shoe. Now remembering my folk lore, I quickly typed ‘get leprechaun’ but unfortunately he quickly disappeared. If I had only been able to catch him, I would have received a bag of gold, I’m sure.

So I am now on a very serious hunt for the leprechaun since I now know he exists. I’ve gone to the web and researched this carefully. Here’s the information. If you see him, be sure you let me know!

Leprechauns are shoe makers. They are tiny like a doll and perfectly formed (unlike a dwarf or gnome). The shoes are for the fairies. The fairies pay the leprechauns gold which they hide. Now these little fellows are apparently very honest. You might say, they are honest to a fault. If you pick one up (in other words, catch them), and you ask them to tell you where the gold is hidden, he must tell you. You can then turn him loose and go get the gold. You need not be afraid of these little folk. They will not harm you. They are hard working and industrious. They are frequently found near springs of clear water, caves or large rock formations.

Esmerlda the leprechaun hunting superhero

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