Admiral Bombow's Hints

The good Admiral has come forward with a bagful of hints this month, however, he warned that their accuracy is not guaranteed.

The Dwarf King and the King of Spades may have something in common. Have you ever counted the dwarfs?

In a modern Land, we have toilets instead of outhouses. Which means there's plumbing involved.

Magic amulets are useful, but they are not terribly energy efficient.

What does a ventilator remind you of?

A sundial and a gnomon. Surely, there is more to this puzzle than reading the time?

Catching a thief is easy. Just lower his IQ first.

This is a strange Land: married folks are jerked around a lot less here.

The Troll is easier to kill than you think. But you have to find him first!

Mobiles are music lovers. Some find certain instruments irresistible.

Too much shouting can be bad for your health.

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