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A meeting of MUD2's loyal players took place in London, England, on November 15, 1997. I received not one, but two accounts of what was apparently a very fun Saturday afternoon. The first was written by Starfire the witch who traveled all the way from Texas to participate in the event. The second is the work of Fodrules the wizard. Thank you both! And thanks to Zedd and Fodrules for giving us permission to reuse some of the photographs that they took during the meeting.

Starfire (photo by Zedd)I arrived at the Princess Louise Pub shortly before 2 pm that Saturday. I didn’t see anyone that looked like MUDers on my first trip through the pub and I also didn’t see any empty tables, so headed back toward the door getting worried that I would never find them. As I approached the door I saw a man talking to two younger men at a table near the door. They all looked at me oddly so I came out and introduced myself as Starfire and figured they would either think me crazy or they were players. I found to my relief that I was talking to none other than Pugsley, Lestat, and Apostat. I was carrying a Halloween bag full of goodies from Texas for everyone and they quickly offered me a seat and that is when the meet began for me.

We all started talking and it was rather like we had known each other for years. Pugsley ordered sandwiches which he shared with everyone, and it was the first time I’d seen such small shrimp and served on bread! Mudguard arrived about then followed by Fodrules and Richard. I remember feeling like someone was watching me and looked behind me to see this bearded man watching us all. I knew immediately that it was Tabitha and got up to give her/him a great big hug. He was accompanied by Grendel of MUD1 fame. My wonderful mentor, Zedd, arrived followed by Cat, and the group was almost complete. Brahma and Flick also attended but I’m not sure where they had played before. Perhaps they were from Wireplay or another MUD2 that had closed in the past.

It seemed someone was always ordering drinks and it was getting hard to remember that the questions the mortal guests were asking couldn’t always be answered outright. So, I decided to do more listening than talking. Richard was fascinating and always had something interesting to say. I thought I should give out the presents I had brought so pulled out my bag of goodies. Suddenly there was a gift sitting in front of me all wrapped up in paper with yellow smiley faces. That very special wiz, Fodrules, had thought of me and gave me a pewter dragon that will forever reside on my computer to remind me of the wonderful day I had. Richard had brought maps for everyone and pens as well as MUD stickers.

At about 6pm Mudguard checked to see if we could go across the street to My Olde Dutch Pancake House and eat earlier than planned originally. They were able to accommodate us and so we moved across the street. Now my idea of a pancake house is very different from what this place was. I was expecting something like an IHOP (International House of Pancakes) that we have in the States, where you can get breakfast 24 hours a day. This was a very big surprise! What they served was about 1000 different kinds of pancake pizza, on a plate that could only be called a platter! It was like a crepe with whatever topping you wanted. I had mushroom onion, and cheese and it was simply delicious. Afterwards there were dessert pancakes with ice cream and sweet toppings and I don’t think anything had ever tasted so good or ever will again. After getting Richard to autograph our maps we left the restaurant to go to a secret location to log into the game and see what was happening. Unfortunately, Richard had to leave us then so I gave him a great big hug and an invitation to Texas should he find himself in the area.

I had worn new shoes to this meet so was not up to the walk to this secret location, so 4 of us grabbed a cab and arrived only minutes before the rest of the group. I tried logging on, but zMud was the software and since I get confused easily, logged back off and let someone else have a go. At about 11 I left to go to Friday’s to meet some friends who were taking me back to their house and it was over. But the memories remain and the friends I made will never be forgotten.

Many thanks to Mudguard for organising this meet and to all who attended. It was a day this witch will never forget!

Starfire the witch

The Gang (photo by Fodrules)It was a cold and miserable day in the heart of Old London Town. As I emerged from the vast network of underground tunnels at a place called Holborn, rain was beating down upon the street. I pulled my cloak tightly around me, and made for an old inn barely visible in the distance.

As I approached the inn, the "Princess Louise", I heard sounds of much merriment from within. In the gloomy light of such a dreary winter day, this place glowed with joy and cheer, clearly a place of great magic.

I stepped inside and looked about. The inn was dominated by a U-shaped bar, supporting many a tired traveller. To my right, in a window alcove, a group of people were talking intensely, the murmur broken only by the occasional cackle.

As I approached, one of the group noticed me and stood up. I instantly recognised him as the great wizard, Pugsley. We greeted each other in the customary manner, and Pugsley introduced me to the group as Fodrules. The next to greet me was the wondrous witch, Starfire. I had heard that she had transported herself from the other side of the world to meet us there, truly she has the power of the stars at her command.

I sat down and glanced around the table. Mudguard, one of the first great wizards (and he who had brought us all together that day) sat to Starfire's left, and across from them sat Lestat and Apostat - mortals, but not unknowledgeable in they ways of magic. It is rumoured that they have dabbled in the darkest depths, gaining power through means most mortals would dread to even consider. We were still few in number, but more would come.

After the long journey I was parched, so requested some ale from the landlord. The barman, obviously not aware of whom we were, required us to remunerate him for the drinks. Due to the happy nature of the day, we acted kindly towards him.

As the afternoon progressed, our number grew. Tabitha the witch arrived, although not instantly recognisable. Why she chose to disguise herself so, we may never know. With Tabitha came Grendel - who I am told holds power in a land now lost in time. Maybe one day she will enter our realm and start on the long road to power there.

Cat the wizard also joined our huddle, though he looked a little faded - perhaps due to sharing his existence between two parallel realms. Zedd the wizard (who it is rumoured once held great power under another name) also arrived, and our numbers were finally approaching the quorum.

The most eminent attendee was Richard the arch-wizard. Richard made our land what it is today, and we all owe him a great debt of gratitude. Once he had joined us, the conversation quickly moved on to the secrets of the land, more than once broaching subjects not normally for mortal ears.

As Starfire had travelled from the mythical land she called "Texas" and would unlikely meet us again soon, she had kindly brought presents for us all. These included figures of herself sporting nourishing food, a dragon captured in glass for Richard, and chili reaped from the very depths of hell. Richard also brought with him gifts - maps of our beloved land and pens worked by curious orange demons, which were accepted with great thanks.

Finally, the last two of us arrived (Brahma and Flick, both of whom had been powerful men in their time, but had fallen on hard times since. No doubt they will wield great power again!) At last we were 13, our number was complete.

As darkness fell outside, we left the inn (remembering to turn the barman back to his previous form) and made our way to a nearby restaurant, "My Old Dutch" where we consumed vast quantities of food, mostly in the form of pancakes. A quaint place, which I feel must be visited again soon!

During the evening, Richard signed our maps with mystical runes, a task which made them special in our hearts. This would be a day not easily forgotten.

As the night drew on, time came for us to depart the pancake house and in turn to bid a fond farewell to a number of our party. Those that remained were led by Lestat and Apostat to a building they knew where there were portals into our land.

We passed through the portals and met with each other there. Some of us sparred with each other, while others simply watched. The only loss of life was that of Daktulos, brutally slain - perhaps justly. Even so, a good time was had by all.

The time then came to depart and go our separate ways. We bade each other goodnight, and promised to meet again soon. For though this was a night that could never be repeated, there were still many of us who could not make it and deeds yet to be done.

I wrapped my cloak tightly around me, for it was a cold night. As I strolled towards the underground system I remembered the highlights of the evening and dreamt of meets yet to come. It had certainly been
one magical night!

Fodrules the wizard

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