And here we are ... another issue of Admiral Bombow's Chronicles!

As it was announced earlier, the Chronicles is no longer published monthly. The reason is simple: we don't have enough submissions from authors (other than myself, that is) to fill an issue every month. Now I have three choices: either publish an issue every month with my own writings (and bore you to death with it), force players to submit articles under the threat of a FOD, or just publish an issue whenever material becomes available. Somehow, I feel that it's the third choice that's the least painful for all of us.

This of course also means that any submissions are most welcome! I would especially encourage you to test your writing skills with original fiction, creating stories set in our magical Land.

This time around, I actually received two such submissions, both of which are accounts of the 1997 MUDmeet, the meeting that took place a few weeks ago in London, England. I also received permission to publish photographs, so if you have not yet visited the participants' Web pages yet, this may be your chance to see the faces of your favourite players.

In my personal coloumn, I write about some changes to come that will make mud2.com perhaps a bit more friendly to newcomers. Needless to say, suggestions in this regard are always appreciated.

Last but not least, as the holiday season is upon us, I wish peace and happiness to all MUD players in the world. Chances are that the next issue of the Chronicles will not see the light of the day before 1998, so have a happy new year, everyone!

Viktor the arch-wizard

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