The Tearoom Tattler

The Tearoom Tattler is a new bimonthly coloumn of Admiral Bombow's Chronicles. It will be alternated with Admiral Bombow's Hints, which also becomes a bimonthly feature. The Tattler is the contribution of one of the Land's notorious mortals, who (for the time being) wishes to remain anonymous.

Welcome, kind reader, to the premiere issue of the Tearoom Tattler. Herein I shall endeavour to bring you all of the delicious, nefarious and occasionally salacious little tidbits of the lives and deaths of yourselves, the denizens of the Land. Of course this will all be carried out within the highest standards of journalistic integrity. Sources will be carelessly researched, rumour and innuendo will be vigorously sought after, and the laws of libel in the Land (as there are none) will be studiously ignored. I dearly hope you will enjoy it, I know I shall.

Upstairs in immortal Land things are reported all abuzz after the recent arrival of Poppabob, one of the Land's newest wizzes. It appears he has made more than a bit of an impression on the witches and some of the, how shall I put this, more experienced wizards are feeling a bit past their, best before date, let’s say. Stay tuned, and listen for the thunderous roar a bit more than usual.

Another startling development brought to us from the wize ones is the spectacular sign-on graphic that is beautifully rendered when the kindly and sentimental wizard Kyric graces us with his presence. Even more startling is when you get a lag hit half way through the graphic.

Daktulos was noticed recently in the Lounge Bar grousing about the untimely death of his warlock. Fortunately Daffy Dak is a trooper and was soon back in his old form, causing dead warlocks.

A shiny new killer named Angeldust is making quite a splash on the social scene in the Land. Those in the know who’ve met him are already impressed, even overwhelmed. Dustbag is clearly one to watch. One has to wonder about the heavenly theme at work here though, now we have Angeldust, Angelone and Angelmist. Mayhaps all the same player?

Adrian is expected to finally come out of his deep funk following the death of his mage in about 35 years. Fortunately, Pepper is the patient type and we just know she will be waiting eagerly for Adrian to get back up there.

Speaking of dying, after a long stretch of uneventful (boring?) POTM incumbents Inferno is doing a bang up job of restoring the curse to its rightful stature. Ferny is practically performing a one persona scorched Land policy leaving behind dead mages and everything underneath on the obit.

Have to dash, there's a bash on. I love bashes, whether the bash succeeds or fails, what never fails is that something delightful, or something despicable, always gets blurted out in the Tearoom afterwards.

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