Top Ten Players

The following is a list of the Land's top ten players, as of July 31:

  1. Galahad the mage
  2. Lanfear the mage
  3. Apostat the mage
  4. Thebishop the mage
  5. Egoyan the mage
  6. Sdrawkcab the mage
  7. Homer the mage
  8. Muddweller the mage
  9. Grumpy the mage
  10. Barf the mage

Congratulations to Kyric the wizard: many of you know him as Dredloks, which was the name he used during his lightning-fast run to wizdom. Another lightning-fast wiz-run was that of Homer, our first August wiz; normally, he wouldn't be mentioned until the next issue of this newsletter, but since this issue is late, here he is. Congratulations to Homer, too!

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