Admiral Bombow's Hints

The good Admiral has come forward with a bagful of hints this month, however, he warned that their accuracy is not guaranteed.

  1. You want magic powers? There is a stone waiting to be touched in the North Mountain. But it's best to wait 'til you're a Champion!
  2. You have many weapons and don't know which one to keep? Let MUD decide it for you! Next time, try get best weapon.
  3. Fleeing moves you in a random direction. If you really want to get out of a fight, why not try flee out next time?
  4. O.M. is the Old Man. Have you seen that inscribed on anything?
  5. If the cottage attic won't let you in, try a little claustrophobia. It can be very uplifting.
  6. Your treasure is too big to haul out of the attic? How about some music instead? May help you go places... and your loot may go with you!
  7. Speaking of music. The music box has a tiny keyhole but leads to a large and rewarding story.
  8. There is a hungry, FIRE-BREATHING dragon out there. Even a novice can feed him... and live to tell the tale!
  9. A piece of enriched Uranium? A ventilator? Chunks of metal lying around and a mighty forge in the dwarfs' realm? Interesting...
  10. There are many places in MUD where you can make a sacrifice. Just be careful, don't let yourself be sacrificed instead!

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